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Selling my skis 18 gp1800/14 fzr/06gp1300 npv

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  • Selling my skis 18 gp1800/14 fzr/06gp1300 npv

    All are in immaculate condition 59hrs 2018 gp1800/2014 svho fzr 90hrs / 06 gp1300r 160hrs all are fresh water machines only / plug nd oil changed end of every season . I am located outside of Philadelphia couple pics of fzr
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    Here is the 18 gp1800
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      Please post an asking price for each
      How to post your question, AFTER you have done your homework
      Asking for help via Private Message?
      For Ficht EMM Repairs, contact Lakeside Tech
      Yamaha NanoXcel hull repair info
      Polaris PWC useful info


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        2014 Yamaha FZS. Comes with all stock parts. 95hours. R and d intake grate and ride plate. R and d intake. Solas 13/19 .Fizzle intercooler with tial 50mm blow off valve . Dedicated intercooler line. Coco tunnel reinforcement. Deans team custom tune (stage 1 plus 8500rev limit) Clutch replaced 30hours ago. Fresh water ski only. It is registered in Jersey because that is where I bought it new in 2014.Spark plugs (ngk)and oil (Yamalube 4w)changed at the end of every season. You will not find a cleaner machine.

        I also have a 2018 gp1800 with 59hrs and 2006 gp1300 160hrs for sale.

        As well as a double trition aluminum trailor 2015 and 2007 trition elite single with torsion axle.

        gp1800 has rica rideplate intake grate solas 13/19 riva intake and tial 50mm bov. Also had dedicated intercooler line with riva pickup.

        Asking 12k obo for fzr and 15k obo for gp 1800. Gp1300 asking 4800 will post pic asap

        They are like new.

        2006 1300 has v force reeds island racing holshot kit(jetworks valve) riva rideplate and intake grate and Solas 14/20.

        I have all the stock parts for the fzr and gp1800.
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          The gp1800 is tuned with riva map tuner. Currently has stage 1 plus tune.


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              06 gp1300

              Here are pics of the gp13000 and triton elite single
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