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My xlt1200

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  • My xlt1200

    I have a 1999 xlt1200, things ive done to her,
    . Installed d plate
    .installed riva f/a
    .drilled return mod with 110 jet
    .blocked off accelerator pump
    .installed 1.5 needle/seats pop off pressure is set to 42/45
    Highs are set to 1.5 turns out
    Lows are 1 turn out,
    Chokes are still intact
    Primer was installed using the accelerator pump ports on the carbs,
    Oil pump is brand new and works properly
    Engine was just pressure tested held 9psi all night
    Ran fine on the water, but runs away on trailer, thankfully I still have the chokes hooked up and killed it instantly,
    It's a new SBT motor with 120 psi in the front and rear cylinder but only 110 in the middle cylinder, motor only has 25 min run time, so I'm hopping the middle cylinder comes up, can anyone give some advice why it would runaway on the trailer, or anyone know if I should change my carb settings, tia

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    You likely have an air leak on the carb spacer plate. Use some Permatex grey sealant on both sides, as the o-rings tend to not seal the greatest.