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Everyone needs to see this video

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  • Everyone needs to see this video

    Thanks to OU812 for posting this up in another thread. Some real good info for Newbies and a few thread/post happy veterans.
    Posting And You..., a Flash Animated video by Lunchtimemama

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    It should be a sticky....lol...
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        2005 now thats funny
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          Now thats some funny shit.

          I think the person that started this thread should have used the search feature first. PLUS, this has nothing to do with Yamaha, so its in the wrong forum.

          ^^^^^^^^^^^ For those that dont know, J/K translates to JUST KIDDING!!!
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            Originally posted by jeffsntx View Post

            I think the person that started this thread should have used the search feature first. PLUS, this has nothing to do with Yamaha, so its in the wrong forum.

            ^^^^^^^^^^^ For those that dont know, J/K translates to JUST KIDDING!!!
            His name is billy too!! Hahaha!!

            Just jabbin' yer ribs bill.
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              cool , video billlllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
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                That's pretty funny I know the search function is my friend but sometimes poeple get lazy.
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                  We are all guilty!!!! That is all good Bill love it!! LOL
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                    That is funny

                    Is Billy's real name Billy Dumb Ass
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                      That is great.
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                        Fuuny Stuff

                        Was worth a chuckle or two


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                            Funny Video Billy and good to teach newbie like me lol.


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                              Im adding a useless post to be able to post a wtb Ad. I'm new to this forum but I'm a regular on Pwc today X-h2o
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