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2000 XL 1200 project

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  • 2-Stroke 2000 XL 1200 project

    New to forum. Been using for 2 years though. Bought dead 1200 in Feb. Mag cylinder bad and crank bearing. Put in SBT rebuilt motor. Carb kits and pump diaphram. Found water and corrosion in PTO carb but nothing in Mag carb to tell me why it blew. Deleted oil pump. Followed break in. Runs great until cools down. Then bogs off idle. Will pick up and go if you feather throttle for a little while then runs fine out of hole until cools down or sits for a few. Idle is good and has great acceleration. Just won't go after resting for a while. Been searching posts. Seen several suggestions. Any one? By the way, prior owner removed chokes and put in primer.