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95 WR3 GP Build

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  • 2-Stroke 95 WR3 GP Build

    After getting myself a 650sx, i realized i could spend more time playing on the water if the wife and kid had something to ride.

    Enter the winter project...1995 WR3 GP in all of its smurfy goodness. thinking greenhulk may be a better place to post this as it is less focused on standups than other forums. hopefully the info is helpful to others as well. keep in mind i am learning pwcs as i go as this is my first sit down (and only second pwc)

    in good shape...just a bit grimey

    plans are to clean, prep, paint, graphics, turf, cover the seat, new controls, switch to premix, etc.

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    just catching up here...

    cleaned up the engine and interior of the hull. 5 year old gas and lake water make for a wonderful aroma

    replaced hardened hoses, fuel filter, plugs, added flush kit, replaced "classic" k&n filter, removed oiling/tank, replaced fuel sending unit (stuck/rotten rubber sections), replaced choke with primer


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      to address the color scheme (gotta love 90's powersports color schemes)

      sanded and about ready for primer. removed and filled the holes for the vent covers

      based on the shallow gouges to the port side just above the waterline under the suspiciously new graphics, and the extra set of holes under the gunwhale trim, i am guessing there was a "rubbing incident" at some point. fortunately no cracks or other issues that i can find. unfortunately to get it smooth i had to go down to the smc in a couple of areas. plan is to use totalboat 2 part epoxy primer and finish with their wetedge topcoat. through about rolling and tipping but this may be a good chance to try spraying


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        got a couple of things done on the wr3 project over the long weekend...

        easy one first...tdr waterbox install. received the message from vintagejetski that tdr was going to do one last run of waterboxes and then they would be gone for good. seeing as this is about the only exhaust upgrade for a wr3...

        next was to install the ada head from jetmania. girdled head is overkill for a stock motor (especially for compression here in co) but it was a good deal through and it did allow me to raise the compression to regain some of the loss due to co altitude.

        gotta grind the exhaust bracket to clear the girdled head to finish the install and get the muffler back on (what do you mean nobody runs stock exhaust with this head?!?!), will take care of that this weekend. also pulled the cap off of the ebox and disconnected the head temp sensor, plan to install an inline water temp sensor at the head with a display


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          should title this how to spend a couple grand on a $1500 '95 wave runner so you end up with something still worth $1500 lol.

          good thing i got the exhaust bracket figured out...since i am not going to use it anymore. went a different route and picked up a pro-tec pipe on ebay, story is that it came off of a 650 custom build by riva

          after a call to pro-tec, i added a rebuild kit for the pipe and a 62T manifold to the parts pile, along with a jet kit. with the carb kit from jetmaniac i should have everything i need. so the parts being used include an ada girdled head with the ada exhaust mount for an oem pipe, pro-tec pipe rev "who knows", and a pro-tec 62T exhaust manifold. also using the oem water box hose.

          spent a fun-filled day of cussing and playing with different bolts and spacers, but succeeded in the end. not sure how you guys get these to fit in SJs or WBs....i have alot more room in this thing and it was still a matter of fractions of an inch of clearance to get the chamber in.

          manifold and header went together and mounted up without issue using the 62T gasket and the 8-10mm spacers

          only real issue i ran into (besides space and only having two hands) was the front mount. being an older rev, this pipe only has one mount in the front, i guess it was before they started using the two stacked holes for the front mount (additionally only has a single mount on the top for the head).

          neither of the holes on the front flange of the exhaust manifold lined up. this pipe used a small triangular bracket for the front mount, and i couldnt use that as the spacing between the mount and the bracket was all screwed up and it wouldve been on top of the exhaust manifold flange. using the bracket as a template, drilled a new hole in the flange to line up with the mount

          was able to achieve a 1/4" gap all the way around using a spacer on the front mount and no spacer on the top mount. top mount lined up with the center hole of the ada bracket.

          and complete....just need to trim the hose to the water box, which also lines up nicely


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            now that the pipe is in i need to finish up the connections...after a bit of research i came up with the following. appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

            one area i am unsure on is the hose hookup. read that mounting it to the head is good as it backfushes the system, but pro-tec directions state to "t" the input/supply, which also makes sense since you are replacing the feed...suggestions? thanks


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              You are on the right path w jet manic ! Chris caters to the standup crowd but is killer about getting you what you want fast !
              i like icecream


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                completely agree...fortunately the wr3 has the good old 61x 700...so he carries most of the parts i needed. he also helped me out with some 650sx parts when i freshened it up early last year.


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                  Our first build was 1990 W3. Group K does awesome porting and pump gas kits for these engines and other 2 strokes. We used a Riva pipe which as unique for the W3, a Group K big bore and porting kit, premix, cut some grate bars out, and Skat Trak impeller for a right at 50 mph ride which was pretty darn awesome in the mid 90's. Just start rich on the carb until you know where you are. Good luck, we all loved doing the spins on the W3.
                  Have fun!
                  '18 GP1800, 85 mph Stage 2
                  '09 FZS 82.5 mph, R3, ET LB, Fizzle, Farthing, stock quiet exhaust.
                  '01 GPR, GK 1390, was 78.0 mph, sold to the competition, son, now 81.9 mph!
                  '04 XLT 1200 was 62.2 mph, now 68.5 mph!
                  '94 Blaster 781 46 carb 60 mph, found new home.
                  '93 Superjet 760 twin carb 59.7 mph, gone, found new home.
                  '99 XLL 1200, complete rebuild, runs 62.4 with SBT sleeved cyl's.
                  '99 XLL 1200 #2, same as above, 63.0


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                    thanks for the pointer to groupk LT1GMC...what were the specs of the impeller you ran? thinking i will need to swap from the stock to get the most out of the mods i am making, but not alot of advice out there on impeller pitch. solas suggests 14/18 (15.5-18.5 for the x prop), but since i am a mile above sea level i am wondering if the stock impeller will be enough even with a pipe, rejetting, water box, higher compression, etc



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                      Definitely get rid of the stock prop , I think it's aluminum so anything stainless will be a upgrade , I'd say a I prop will be best all around prop
                      i like icecream


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                        will do...appreciate it


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                          too cold to rebuild the carb in the garage, so i shifted some energy over to the trailer

                          the was...

                          wheels stripped for painting

                          frame powdercoated and ready to go back together with new parts...


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                            looks like i never updated this...

                            trailer is done. wheels painted, frame stripped and powder coated. all new lights and wiring, new bunks with sliders, new fenders and new running gear


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                              so you wanna put $400 worth of steering on your $500 wave runner...

                              finally got the umi steering (for a wave blaster) installed. took a little rearranging/relocating of parts to get everything to line up.

                              the cross brace and cable holder had to be spaced down to align with the groove in the steering stem (for the bracket). this also required slotting the holes for the brace and steering cable bracket a bit

                              even had to space down the holder for the hatch rod/prop so it didnt hit the cross brace

                              also had to spin the plate that holds the steering cable to the steering cable bracket. this pushed the cable back about an inch, which was required to be able to get the steering centered. in the end it all lined up well, but took alot of cable adjusting to get it centered and allow for full travel

                              on the top, had to drill new holes. the blaster uses the same number of holes and pattern, but they are the opposite pattern, meaning the steering stops end up 90 degrees out. filled in the stock steering stop since i was filling in the oem set of mounting holes. also had to add a hole for the throttle cable and wiring

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