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  • 2-Stroke 700 Rebuild Options

    I actually have 3 ski's give to me. 2 are 96 700waveraiders poor condition. The third is a 04 xl700. So the 96 engines have compression and the one I torn apart looks decent inside. Could use a cylinder hone and new rings. I actually purchased and intended to replace all gaskets and seals on this engine before the XL was dropped on me. The XL was a ÔÇ£it was running when I parked itÔÇØ. It has zero compression on one cylinder and definitely was not or not very well. Front cyl has 1/4ÔÇØx3/4ÔÇØ chunk missing at exhaust port. Head and piston dinged cyl not terrible. So my question is would it be better to rebuild the older single carb 700 or the newer dual carb 700. This going in a mini jet boat for my boys so low end power is preferable.
    Block 63N, J700L-07
    Head 62T dual carb
    Block 64R. J700H
    Head 61X single carb
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    with one carburetor is much more reliable easy to adjust the carburetor. but less power than the second.