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Cooked My Carbs in Muriatic Acid - Need Advise - GP1200R

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  • 2-Stroke Cooked My Carbs in Muriatic Acid - Need Advise - GP1200R

    So I cooked 2 sets of carbs in Muriatic Acid along with other parts of the engine. The goal was to take 6 Carbs to make 1 good set and the salt water damage on all of them lead me to get way to aggressive with the amount of time I let them sit in the acid solution. I also had the screws brake on almost all of the carbs both the top and bottom copper doors ( sorry I dont know the official names) and had to drill the them out in order disassemble them fully. Is there away the bring them back (vapor Blasting) and are those parts available for sale currently? I cant find the parts for sale outside of a traditional rebuild kit. I need someone to give me some advise please.

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    I seriously doubt that you can salvage them because you've probably enlarged the discharge ports in the carb throats.

    Your best bet is probably Ebay or one of the marine salvage companies.
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      Thank you for letting me know I'm so mad at myself right now! . I cooked the power valves as well cleaned them and they're white can I use them ?


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        Muriatic acid is way to harsh… lime away or vinegar would’ve been a better bet.
        You’re gonna need some good use carbs to get you going.