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Yamaha gpr 2 stroke speed database

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      2000 GPR riva heads, factory triple pipes (10 hrs. Since built) 81.7 mph

      2006 GPR 1390cc R&D heads, factory triple pipes, Kerry performance built ski - 87.5 mph

      About to build a third GPR triple so may entertain offers on selling "one"


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        Nice! Do they make the triple pipes anymore ?

        The one thing I must say though on the newest T3 hall are RXP-X the way it rides or rough water is incredible.
        2014 Seadoo RXP-X

        1996 Waveblaster

        1995 Super Jet


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          Need to buy power valve 1300r cylinder !!!!

          Hi everyone . Hopefully someone can help me I have a gp1300r and I need to find were I can buy a power valve cylinder can't find one anywhere on eBay or anything please help


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            @waterwoody tried to PM/ message you on your profile and couldn't so I want to reach out to you on here.

            Just read your "1512cc triple piped stroker BB EFI build THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!" thread skimming through the reflash which ended sort of vague with 2 of your triple pipes losing pressure and then ultimately 2 stroke engine failure.

            What is your opinion about a mildly modified 2 stroke stock bore ski and reflash?

            Is this company B.S.ing: "
            https://ecunleashed.com/product-category/watercraft-3/yamaha-watercraft/gp1300r/" Is the "bill gentleman" that reflashed your ecu still around? (The price seems very expensive and skeptical cause the website looks shady).

            What difference in performance did you notice after installing reflash was it only engine failure or did it actually run faster?

            Is there a big or noticeable difference in acceleration and speed in comparison to reliability from stock gp1300r to fully built top speed run type of ski? Whats the cost to benefit of making it faster?

            How long did your engine last in total on the EFI ski after the reflash?

            Do you think a stock engine bore with timing advance key and basic components and reflash w/stock pipe have lasted you longer vs BB and reflash?

            Would a SSGP800 Grate R&D ride plate and the other peripheral components be worth the investment in regards to speed and "bang for buck"?

            How did the 2 stroke efi get destroyed was it running too much fuel pressure or too rich?

            If you would go back and do it over again would you say to Stockish or Fully Built for speed?

            Check out my build thread

            Any thoughts or pointers? I would like to remain EFI I am not fond of carb (not to mention the difficulty of finding a good set these days).

            Just looking for some inspiration and direction from someone who has "been there and done that" so-to-speak. Thanks man.


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              [email protected]