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Everyone Please post one Speed Trick

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  • Everyone Please post one Speed Trick

    I would like every forum member that has good speed information to post at least one good trick that they know works as a gift for other forum readers to share. Please everyone only post good true information no junk. Here is my trick > When you have your pump shoe out bolt the intake grate to the shoe and match the grate to the shoe by grinding the shoe and grate till they match exactly on the inside as well as under side. The fit of the grate to the shoe is very bad. I also do a second grate (Spare) Since a purfect match can't be done once the shoe has been sealed in. Also when sealing the shoe and transom plate in I use muratic acid to ecth plate and shoe so the sealer will stick to both good. The proper sealing of the shoe and transom plate is a must for a super fast ski. I know some people have done what the thought was a good job but i supect they have a bad job that costing them speed! Merry Christmas to all!
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    I like to fill the little holes on the inside of the stock sponsons. Not sure how much it helps, but I figure it can't hurt.
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      Filling the pump shoe bolt holes with epoxy putty is good for .5mph.

      If your confident with your combo the rideplate bolts are worth a
      little more.


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        Good post, we're all hungry for speed secrets

        I angle my handle bars back so I can hang my short legs off the back of the ski more in super man position Hey every tenth adds up.
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          i have done all the mods above with great results..... even pulling back the bars.. took off wind screen(hood) approx .5..........but all my runs so far are with it on.. i want numbers i can do all the time
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            Try different octane. I tried 89, 91, and 93...mine runs the best with 91.

            also...when Im in okoboji, Iowa, I fill 2X 5 gallon tanks with 91 octang of their fuel because there is no ethonal in it. Runs faster with that fuel than it does with minnesota fuel. Haha, funny but true.
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            I miss the ski game
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              Best speed trick, get with Jim and one of his ride plates!


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                frontal area

                not quite an unheard speed secret... but we dont metion it with ski's as much as i would think!!
                Frontal area... ,dirty skis, mirrors, scoops, loose ropes, loose flaping clothing... any thing that will give you a larger frontal area will slow you down.( now,i dont want to see any shaved head's at mb3, but anything done may give you an edge) think speed skaters, swimmers, motorbike racer's, cycleist's.....they cut off seconds and energy spent with this thinking .
                Get YOURSELF tucked in and tight,with those canted legs in and if needed, a narrower seat to enable you to do it...
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                  Truing the hull got me 1.1 mph. on my wifes xll
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                    The best known secret for GPR speed here is www.greenhulk.net it seems to be good for 0 - 30 MPH. More when you try the search feature.

                    Thanx for all the work & info here. I'm new to the GPR and you guys have been great.
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                      Not really a speed trick, but will keep your 1300 together longer. Especially on the EFIs, since we cant richen up just #3.

                      I always use a head gasket from an 05-06 GPR. It has larger cooling holes, especially on #3 cylinder (where it is needed). I also take the exhaust manifold gasket and open up the (2) cooling holes on the bottom of #3 cylinder to match #2. Look at it and you will see. Lay the gasket on the manifold and use a sharpe/marker and make a mark on any material blocking water flow. Take your dremel tool and smooth the marked material in all the manifold water passages.

                      And dump the water from the head on at least #3 overboard on aftermarket heads, and the rearward of the (2) water ports on stock heads.
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                          Lose 70lbs, for approx 1mph speed increase. You or the boat!
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                            Clean up all the surfaces that need to release the water (trailing edge of ride plate). Make them nice and sharp 90?? angle to the water. This goes for pump nozzle, turning nozzle, trim tabs and plate. I even did the pump shoe where it rides below the plate. Hope I didn't Fock anything up.
                            Was 2000 GP1200R 77.8 @ 7140, 50 degrees slight wind ripple 1200 retired/On standby
                            2000 GP1300R 77.4 @ 7160. 3/4 gas 65 degrees
                            2001 GP1300R ported 80.9 mph @ 7320
                            Stock STXR 63 low gas superman bouncing


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                              Billie you have to enlighten me on the moth balls
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