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Gp1200r Bogging On Take-off

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  • Gp1200r Bogging On Take-off

    i was out on hte dam this weekend and noticed that it my 1200r was bogging on take off from idle, i would have to ease on the throttle a bit and it would build up a little then all of a sudden would livin up and you could go for it, once you were past the first initiall bit of bog it ran fine, jsut from idle would bog,

    i thought fuel bbut im not sure, any idea?

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    Check that your powervalve motor is cycling.
    Start the ski for a few seconds then kill it, listen for a servo sound, let me know


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      Bad fuel , bad fuel filters, shitty plugs, gumed up carbs could all be a suspect


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        is it bogging or reving really high and not really going anywhere? Could be cavitation in your pump and need a pump stuff kit... i had this happen on my first ski which brought me to this site!

        my ski if you nailed it past the no wake would go and rev real high then at like 16mph on the dash and after it would take off and be fine!
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          I recommend you check

          *Compression Test
          *Spark Plugs

          and what ever you do dont run it because i had the same problem on my ski and kept riding and it threw a rod so be careful


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            i would go pulling off the carbs until you checked over every other first. how olds the gas and fuel filters? did you stablize the gas if its old? throw in a set of new plugs and fresh gas after doing a compression check. auto zone rents the tool for free


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              its jsut bogging when you go to take off after idle, have to ease on the throttle for a little bit then it kicks its ass into gear and goes hell for lether, if i pin it WOT from idle it would almost stall.

              will check all the above as soon as i get some time, the fuel in it was only a couple of weeks old and i put another 20L in to make it a full tank for the weekend then used it and put another 40L of fresh fuel, not sure how old the fuel filter is, the carbs were done with hte rebuild in about august last year. the plugs arnt that old either i dont belive but i will throw a new set at it and see what happens.

              will also check power valve servo but i pretty certain it was working on the weekend i could hear it. but will double check.

              once you get past the bog its fine.


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                sounds like you may be running lean or rich. can you show us your plugs


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                  It might be your carb that are clogg I had the same problem and it was carbs.


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                    ill pull the plugs this arvo and post the pics up.


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                      here are my plugs, took the fuel filter off and it seems fine not blocked or anything, is there an aftermarket filter that can be used?

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Did you check your power valve.


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                          I had the same Problem. It was my Pump Shoe cavitating. Get a pump shoe seal kit. it can throw the engine off due to load one second and load another and back and forth.


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                            Originally posted by RIVERA RACING
                            Did you check your power valve.
                            powervalve servo is cyclying fine.


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                              Originally posted by PBNastyGP
                              I had the same Problem. It was my Pump Shoe cavitating. Get a pump shoe seal kit. it can throw the engine off due to load one second and load another and back and forth.
                              pump shoe has been sealed, it doesnt cavitate it jsut nearly stalls when you go from idle to WOT. but after the first inital bog it runs fine