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gp1200r replace drive shaft, shaft coupler

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  • gp1200r replace drive shaft, shaft coupler

    Ok, so I took my ski in and they said the drive shaft is stripped. I had posted in an earlier thread about this and many said this was the issue. I took some photos of what I have now. I am planning to order the parts and attempt to fix this with a friend. I am not mechanical at all, and honestly don't even know the basics of how a jet ski even works. BUT, I am trying to learn and from the encouragement of others on this forum I am attempting to fix this myself.

    Wanted to get some advice on how to proceed. The mechanic said I will need to pull the motor out to access what I need to replace.
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    It can be done with the motor in the hull but the pipe needs to be removed, flame arrestor needs to come off unhook everything and slide the motor forward all the way to the gas tank so you can get the seal/bearing carrier out of the boat.
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      be careful not to slide it too far forward or it will fall off the mounts... like Tiny said, remove the stinger and air box, then remove the 4 motor mount to engine bolts and slide the engine forward enough to clear the rear coupler, then unbolt the I shaft and remove it
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        I have a couple of the intermediate shafts for 2000-01 GPRs....not the bearing carrier, just the shafts. I think they are in good condition, might part with one if you're interested....
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