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R&D Dominator intake...does it fit the XLT hull?

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  • R&D Dominator intake...does it fit the XLT hull?

    Picked up a R&D dominator intake lately, but looks like its going to add at least 3/4" or more to the overall height of the carb stack. Currently there is only about 1/2-3/4" space between the flame arrestors and the hull wall, certainly with all the vibration the arrestors will hit the fiberglass. Just wondering what others have done. Is this a problem on the GPR too, do I need to go with low profile arrestors, I'm currently using standard Tau Ceti ones. Is it even worth it anyway?

    2004 XLT 1300 -JIm's modded R&D plate, R&D grate, Riva Heads, Riva S3, HO Pump, Skat 14/19, Tau Ceti F/A,VF3s, Jetted, Advent CDI, No choke + primer, pump shoe stuffed, beach house sponsons, GP1300R waterbox
    2004 Honda F12 - stock
    2005 Honda F12X - stock
    2004 Yamaha FX Cruiser - FX HO rideplate, Velocity stacks/power plenum, Solas impeller
    2011 Yamaha FZ - Jim's Plate mod, Worx grate, BOV, SVHO IC, Anode cooling kit, Worx intake, ribbon delete, Riva Stage 1 tune, exhaust resonator delete.