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XL 1200 Misfire?

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  • XL 1200 Misfire?

    So, the ski had a knocking sound at the end of the last season. I decided to winterize it and worry about it over the winter months. Unfortunately, I did not get to work on it at all over the winter.
    So I brought it back out at the start of the season and began the process of finding the issue.

    I took it to a mechanic who told me it sounded like a misfire. He said he would start by cleaning the carbs. So he did. Went back to pick it up...and it still had the knock issue. So he said the next step is to take the engine out and see if there was anything that was dropped down into the crank cases during the rebuild. ( I previously rebuilt cyl#3 due to bad compression.)

    So he did. He found a few metal shavings, but nothing too significant. I went to pick it up and he said that he thought it needed new spark wires. So I took it home, ordered the wires, and they came in today.

    I put them in and put in new plugs, and......it still "misfires".

    So now, I have the ignition coils and shop manual out trying to determine if the issue is electrical.
    They all appear to be in "spec".

    So, I guess my question is, where do I go from here?

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    So, I took the pump assembly off, thinking that maybe, just maybe, the pump bearings were going bad and the knocking was running up the shaft to the engine area. Well, no luck there. I did seem, however, that the misfire sound became a bit less intense, maybe bc of the removed stress of the pump, not sure.

    Does it make any sense for it to be the pickup sensor on the flywheel? the knocking doesn't exist around idle, so if it were a crank bearing it would still knock then, but when revved it knocks more, specifically while down revving.

    Any help is appreciated...I'm lost.