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Pop off pressure tuning

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  • Pop off pressure tuning

    I just put a Super BN carb on my wr500 and have a question about tuning it. I just rebuild it, it's been bored, ported and polished, aftermarket exhaust, etc. The pop off pressure is currently 32 lbs. The ski idles great, but dies just off idle unless you feather it a few times and can catch it and get it into the upper power band. The miking manual suggests keeping the needle and seat as small as possible, mine is a size 2 with a gold spring. Anyone have any suggestions as to how much I should lower the pressure? Looks like I can go to 22 or 17 by changing the spring and leaving the size 2 seat.

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    Springs depend on the Flame Arrestors as well; do you have after market FA? (AM FM needs lower pressure springs)