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Pump Pressure Relief Mod

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    • ttt

      made a sticky
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      • tie-in the pressure relief to the hole shot kit

        Having read the threads on how a jetworks hole shot kit work.. can't you tie-in the pressure relief to feed the waterbox? or is the difference in pressure too great?
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        • jetworks opens after 3500rpm and stays open.

          pump pressure relief is intermittent, depends on pump over-stuffing and rider position
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          • Someone help me understand. Is this an alternative to the Pump Tunnel Reinforcement mod? Is it an easier alternative?


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            • Originally posted by K-Dubb View Post
              Someone help me understand. Is this an alternative to the Pump Tunnel Reinforcement mod? Is it an easier alternative?

              NO, these are separate mods. Of course with the pump pressure relieved you might be less likely to have a tunnel failure, but the tunnel reinforcement should be done anyway. The pump tunnel can blow out on a near stock ski where these reliefs aren't usually necessary until you are nearing the 80mph point.
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              • Umm...is this enough??

                Click image for larger version

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                • good info


                  • Hi,
                    I know you did this mod years ago, I am just doing it now. I have been looking all over to figure out why or what reason you have the brass fitting on the left running into the ski. What is this for the cooling, if so why the change from the factory line? And also does blocking off the top spray help with top end speed?