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    As of Today 01/26/20 I see some really good deals on say an 11 year old ski like 2009 Yamaha FZS they are going for around ~$5,999 in my area some modified some stock and well maintained.

    I’m on the side of getting the Yamaha Supercharged style skies like FZR/FZS and would like to purchase one sometime in the future. Regardless buying a GPR 2- stroke engine could serve a purpose as like a recreational Jetski or a loaner for the person into that sort of nostalgia....... but I would find it mad disrespectful if to say if I’m blasting around in a FZR vs someone in say a little yellow seadoo sit down ski from the early 90s, driving up and down the bay and going a little offshore. A little old 90s 2-stroke engine ski wouldn’t hang like that, let alone with an inexperienced rider who is just borrowing the ski what if it breaks down or something........ just saying.

    A really good modified and maintained-regularly GPR from the early to mid 2000s might be the only exception in that scenario; that exception being more and more difficult to come across these days 15-20 years later. Regardless lightly modded YAMAHA FZR or FZS would be pulling on like 99% of those 2000s GPRs and person on the faster ski would have to be looking back and over their shoulders inconveniently ........ how many people enjoy driving their ski partial throttle....... you know? The faster ski rider gonna have to be waiting around and changing their riding style for old ass GPR from the 2000s.

    I understand freshwater lake riders would tend to disagree as their riding conditions are different. I prefer to try and have an optimal machine being that my riding conditions are different then that of a 2-stroke engine jetski that only runs on a lake/freshwater within a given more limited space.
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      Well it’s 2020 and here in Australia ���� there’s lots of blokes buying a GP1200R or a GP1300R and rebuilding them . I’ve helped quite a few and they are happy with a $3000 au ski vs a $25000 au GP1800R that does 70mph . It’s enthusiasts that keep the sport alive .


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        I love my 2003 GP1300R. I have another 2 stroke, 96 wave venture, and it's a blast to ride! My 2018 FX SVHO is however a luxury cruiser with breakneck acceleration. All 3 skis give you a different riding experience. But.....if you ask most people who come ride my skis with me most will head for the GP1300R and call dibs. Granted, I've done some work to it. Head shaved for higher compression and changed the pump to a high pressure pump and changed the impeller. I kept my OEM ride plate, trim tabs and sponsons. I could go with an aftermarket ride plate that's been modified and get another 10 mph top speed but I like the handling as it sits. After doing that and adding a scoop intake grate and a fuel controller it literally LEAPS out of the water and runs about 69 on a good day with good air and about 5 gallons of fuel in the tank. Every time I get on it I smile! Carves like it's on rails and not a bad ride in small chop. Worst thing about it.....watching that high dollar 2 stroke oil go out the tailpipe. I'll ride it til it dies or I do!
        2021 FX SVHO-stock
        2018 FX SVHO-slightly modified
        2003 GP1300R-slightly modified
        1996 Waveventure-1100 stock- sold
        1995 Waveraider 700 deluxe- sold
        2000 GP800- traded


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          GP1200/1300 rear crankshaft seal air leak

          Group K has posted an article about the rear crankshaft oil seals and the possibility of air leaks because of a manufacturing flaw discovered after 20 yrs of working on these engines. Take note it answers lots of questions as to why randomly failing rear pistons have happened.
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            ^^^ what up guys long time no post lmao.......

            @Fandini you sound like you got your machine dialed and maintained although the dime a dozen these days is people complaining about their 2-stroke GPR machine being under 65mph GPS....... are you sure your not confusing that stockISH sounding build with Dream-O-Meter “mph”..........
            The all I need is any (vague) modded plate and my GPR 2 stroke will be “10mph GPS” faster is FAKE News....... it doesn’t work like that....... it’s easier said then done....... I’ve been on these forums for a few years now and never heard of any 2 stroke GPR guys doing that aside from specific builds for lake “mudbug” top speed runs that don’t last in most other conditions.

            @Mr. Australia LoL , that’s awesome that they are still building and pressure testing their engines but if we are being clear the average/common entry level buyer and person getting a GPR 2-stroke engine in the 2020s isn’t gonna go to that extent.

            Which is why I preach the stockISH 4 stroke supercharged skis so much........ you can’t enjoy a ski that’s constantly needing to be worked on.......... just my opinion and it’s subjective. The funny part is the DIY people that preach “oh but I like to work on my machines”......... until they get a machine they actually have to work on or end up needing to have to fully restore or rebuild from ground up........ I was one of those. The grass seems greener on the other side in that regard .......but it’s mainly just the “it’s all easier said then done approach in their initial approach” a.k.a. The Naivety that catches mostly everyone off guard. Then the meme of the guy riding a white/blue Jetski saying “money can’t buy happiness” couldn’t apply because the person who rebuilds their machines like that are constantly concerned with it mechanically and not enjoying the riding experience for the true essence of riding. In the case of the person who buys one these days with hopes of fixing it up and building it and end up finding themselves in a helpless situation of listening for sounds engine misfires etc etc in stead of enjoying the splashing of waves and the engine rumble alone. You feel me?

            The person who has a mechanic special ski stays as a miserable mechanic it voids the meme I brought up........

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              Can't believe this thread has went on as long as it has! You must not do alot of riding....because between supercharger clutches, oil leaks, timing chain issues, cracked heads, leaky transom plates, and oil cooler issues, all in multiple years of both the supercharged and naturally aspirated versions of Yamaha's 1.8 liter engine, I'd call them far from reliable. I know one thing that keeps running on the cheap...my 2000 GP1200R. Like a timex watch! And it does 67 on the GPS with my big ass on it...with just the basic reliability mods. I wouldn't turn it loose if someone offered me 10k for it!