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Gp1300r 2007 misfiring

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  • Gp1300r 2007 misfiring

    Hi Guys i currently have a 2007 gp1300r waverunner and it has been fully rebuilt after it been sitting around for 12 months and im having problems with it bogging down under load it will hesitate until you back off. When riding this ski you can slightly hear a popping sound like a misfire . Any ideas and where to start looking would be really helpful

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    Could be timing or fuel injection, Was the original reason it was rebuilt fixed? Or did it just toast the number3 piston and cylinder and reason was never found?


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      Check your fuel. Make sure there isn't any water in it first. If it's good, then take out the injectors and send them out to be cleaned. I sent mine to cape fuel injection in jersey. It's a friend of mines shop. He does quality work. If one isn't up to par, try to find a good used one. I got a used one from WFO performance. New are a little pricey. Also make sure your throttle cable is adjusted correctly. It can spit and stutter if it's off bc of the TPS


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        Hi, did you find the problem? Was it the TPS? I have the same issue but is not throwing a code. How to adjust TPS??


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          Tps needs to set to about 0.79v iirc at zero throttle engine off. Corrosion on the tps plug or socket sends that reading haywire