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Gasoline - 2008 GP1300r

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  • Gasoline - 2008 GP1300r

    Hey forum friends, time for a gasoline question. I'm sure it's been asked before, but I couldn't find a thread so here goes.

    I recently acquired two GP1300r skis. The first time I took them out, I filled them with non-ethanol 87 octane marine fuel and they ran great. The second time I took them out, I added 10% ethanol 87 octane. They were still half full, so still had some of the marine gas in them. I filled them again with the 10% ethanol 87 octane and dropped them in the water yesterday and noticed a considerable difference in power - they just didn't run as well. Gas is really the only difference.

    What is everyone's experience with the gas on these 2-strokes? Thanks!

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    My years of experience with 2-stroke skis and ethanol gas is that the two don't play nice together. I've only got carbureted, 2-stroke skis and they hate ethanol fuel. I'm constantly (once a year) having to take apart and clean the carburetors to keep the skis running right

    Now that being said, if the fuel is fresh my skis have absolutely no problem running with the ethanol gas. Over time as the fuel ages, that's when I have problems. Your gasoline seems to be new and fresh so I doubt that it's an ethanol problem.

    You said, "....and noticed a considerable difference in power..." Yes, ethanol has less BTU per unit volume than pure gasoline (about 2/3) but most ethanol gas is only 10% ethanol so the math says that the power drop off would be minimal.

    The easiest thing for you to try would be to fill them back up with the good marina gas and try again. If you get your power back, well don't use ethanol fuel again. Here in Texas, ethanol free gas is like unobtanium. I don't know why ethanol gas is practically non-existent in this oil state. The only gas station that sells it anywhere is Buc-ee's. It's almost an hour drive each way to the nearest Buc-ee's for me .
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      I have a GP1200R and I have only run 87 octane with 10% ethanol. I have had the ski since 2001 and yes I rebuild and clean the carbs out once a year. I do not run Non-ethanol fuel because it is out of the way to fill up.


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        We only run ethanol free gas in our GP1200R, but it's readily available in our area.


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          Try running premium with ethanol. Should be fine running 87 with 10% ethanol

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            Mike... a lot of local guys run 93 with ethanol additive and have no issues.