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2003 XLT1200 triple carb

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  • 2003 XLT1200 triple carb

    Mikuni 44i . I rebuilt the carbs and did not see any high/low speed screws. Is it possible there aren't any? Ive rebuilt twin carbs on Seadoos only 3 times and one of the carbs always had them. I put the carbs back in Waverunner but can`t get past feeling like I somehow missed them even after looking multiple times and going back over many pictures I took before and after. I just signed up here and thank you all for any help.

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    The high and low adjustment screws are behind bass caps which maybe painted over making them tricky to spot. See the attached thread on how to remove them. How does the Waverunner run with the carbs rebuilt?


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      Awesome, thanks, thought i was going crazy. I did notice the brass plug for high speed but did`t occur to me it was under that. Haven't started it yet. If all is good I won`t mess with the high/low. I bought it from a guy who didn`t really know what was wrong with it running rough and bogging down. He replaced the sending unit which was not problem. I found the catalytic converter fell apart, so I got the D plate and wanted to rebuild carbs too. He never messed with the carbs and was original owner. Boat spent most of it`s life in storage.


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        They make T-Handle adjustment screws for the High and Low adjustments. Since you are already pulling the brass caps out, you might want to replace with the adjustment screws.


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          Thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated! I hit what looked like a like button on Facebook but yield sign came up. Not sure if I liked it or flagged it lol, but ill get the hang of it. Very helpful!!!! About to post another dummy question lol.