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What to do with a GP1300R?

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  • What to do with a GP1300R?

    I'm picking up a 32 hour - always garaged 2004 GP1300R ski for cheap.. head is off. One cyl had a water-jacket crack and was leaking water into the hull.. It's in great condition on a trailer...Question - do I change out the cyl, get it running and sell? or do I sell as is? I usually deal with SUV1200's, so I don't know what the market is like for the GP1300R's. I heard they are good racing hulls. Should I install a NPV 1200 engine that I have, and sell the 1300 engine? Thank's for opinions and thoughts!
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    Fix it properly, ride it, you will love it


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      Agreed r place oil lines and rip it up


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        Got a 05 gp1300r with 90 hours runs great on the trailer hooked to a hose but as soon as I set it in water it shuts off after a couple of seconds of idle and won’t start again endless out of water