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Central Indiana PWC/Jet Boat repair

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  • Central Indiana PWC/Jet Boat repair

    Need your Jet Ski or Jet Boat serviced, repaired or revived in a timely fashion? With 23+ years of watercraft and jet boat experience at your service, you can be sure I can get you back on the water quickly. Direct connection with multiple sources for the parts and accessories you need to get your unit back on the water will come with zero mark up on ANY of the parts by me. We service Yamaha, Kawasaki, Seadoo and Polaris watercraft. We also repair Yamaha and Seadoo Jet boats. I have the ability to program new keys for your Yamaha, Kawasaki and Seadoo watercraft using the DESS or RF keys as well as diagnostic programs to allow me to read error and fault codes and set service reminders, run time history and % at certain RPM levels as well as the duration etc. We can program full power keys, leaner or even ÔÇ£rentalÔÇØ keys per your request.

    We also offer performance ECU programming with the most popular Riva Racing Map Tune systems with a host of various flashes for your needs. This can add substantial performance, remove GPS Speed limiters and often improve the "lean" conditions that results in poor performance. There are many variables of flashes based off your needs.

    Typical models with ECU logging/Electronic Keys:

    1996+ Seadoo

    1999-2003 Kawasaki STX100 , Ultra 130 DI "Fuel injected"

    2002+ Kawasaki SX-12F/STX-15F

    2007+ Kawasaki Ultra lX/250X/250LX/260X/260LX/300 and 310 series

    Yamaha 2003+ models

    Polaris Watercraft with the Fitch Injection system.

    Polaris Watercraft MSX 110, 140, 150 models

    I do also specialize in older "2 stroke" models and often referred by many local dealerships as an alternative as these are no longer serviced by large dealerships.

    Please feel free to contact me via phone, text or email . Rates continue to be 50-60 % less than the dealerships and zero mark up on parts.

    There are many also whom wish to have service work done during the downtime of the Winter/early Spring months that includes rebuild/refresh and other types of repairs. This is a great time to get those done so the unit is not sitting in a lot waiting for repair in the Spring while your friends are out riding without you!

    I also offer carb mail in service. We have hundreds of OEM kits /needles in stock. We have tank valves, packing for caps, plugs etc. All of these can be offered to have a complete solution to your needs.

    Mike Peavler

    Peavler Jet Ski- Jet Boat Repair
    765- Five/eight/seven-8174
    2018- Yamaha GP 1800 stage 2
    2018- Yamaha GP 1800 stage 2
    2019- Seadoo Trixx
    2019-Seadoo Trixx
    2019 Triton Elite WCII2 w/ Mag wheels
    2019 Triton Elite single w/Mag wheels