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Where should I post my questions

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  • Where should I post my questions

    If you are wondering where to post your ski related questions here is a little guideline to follow.

    Yamaha section:

    Yamaha Old School Section: 1999 and older skis, this includes GP's, Raiders. Ventures, 98XL, XL's etc. (does not incluse 99XL1200 PV)

    Yamaha Two Stroke Performance: 2000 and up GPR's and 99 and up XL/XLT's etc.

    Yamaha Four Stroke performance: All 4 stroke skis

    Yamaha General discussion: Non performance related yamaha discussions

    Yamaha How to section: This section should be used to post an informative descriptive post on "how to" install or do something. Questions on how to do something should be posted in their respective forum.

    Yamaha Projects: This section should be used to post your build or project use it as your own personal blog.

    General Forum:

    General Discussion: off topic questions

    Local rides: Please post all ride related threads here in the appropraite forum for your area.

    Market Place: Please select appropriate forum for your skis brand and appropriate subsection ie: parts or skis for sale. There is a general marketplace section for everything else.
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