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How to Mod Your Ski

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    this has been an amazing read . i am about to purchase a 06 gp1300r . so far the guy has done the d plate , its premix and he replaced impeller ring and rebuilt the top end . has 120 across the board. 98hrs before the rebuild.

    i plan to reinforce the pump r riva kit asap
    also free flow w air filter asap

    i want to ride it a bit before i decide if i want top end or out of the hole speed.
    before spring ill have money for a grate, plate and impeller which i have to decide on
    im thinking that will b stage 1
    if anyone has these gently used would b greatly appreciated


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      Thanks for the add to greenhulk folks. Basic history a few years ago we had a mint Ruis Racing GP1300r which I really regret selling. i have recently bought a 2008 NPV GP1300r in need of an engine rebuild. Have a decent budget to build a good ski. The ski will be salt water use only. What builds or mod threads can anyone point me to, the forum is so large it is a bit daunting and i am not getting the results i need with the search button. After bolt on bits and good practice engine mods on the rebuild. Be gentle with me!


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        I haven't rebuilt mine yet but it's not that dissimilar to my other 2 strokes. I'm in the process of sending my injectors off to be cleaned and cylinder repair/plating is straightforward. Unless you are going to port then keep it standard but run an advance keyway (see WFO on the forum) and skim the heads to increase compression to 150psi. With these two mods you will need one of those EFI fuel controllers. Can I assume you have a d-cat plate? I'm sure you know to replace the oil hoses and the rubber inlet mounts have probably split. I'm also running an R&D air filter and a 1200r waterbox. Beyond the engine, there's a holeshot mod too that helps but I haven't done that yet (http://greenhulk.net/showthread.php?t=24493) and a pump seal kit.

        What does your engine need?


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          Engine was in 4 boxes totally split, let the fun begin, d plate will be going in but going to stay standard at least for 1 season to run in and sort any teething issues. Hoses are on the list but can you point me in the direction of a local supplier of the proper material/hosing