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Yamaha XLT800 no speed

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  • Yamaha XLT800 no speed

    Yamaha xlt800
    after rebuild i mean cleaning engine and carbs can not make it move faster then 2-3 m/h

    engine starts right away idling good, but as soon as i open accelerator nothing happen
    i did rebuild carbs. still had same issue. i bought another set of carbs from good jet ski.
    same issue. good start no power in water

    i did remove impeller and check it, looks very good. no problems at all
    was about to replace wear ring, bought plastics insert but realized i can not remove metal one... but old one looks ok.
    but i will by this piece and will replace it... but i think it not going to fix my problem. that's only one thing what i can think about

    any help? any thoughts?

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    Does the engine rev? Build up rpm's?


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      oh yeah.
      it's even has enough power to jump on the trailer.
      i can't tell about rpm for sure, because dash broken, but what i can hear, for me, sounds like it's working on full power. when throttle open.
      at first i thought gas/air mixture very lean. i did carb adjustments and get dry, brown spark plugs, which is sign of good mix. according to web.

      i can make a video to show how it's sounds. and how it's working in general.


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        not sure what is 'rev" means


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          Rev is the RPM's.....same thing. If it sounds like it's building full power but the jet ski just feels sluggish and does not go full speed I would look first at a pump seal kit. These models have a problem with lots of cavities around the jet pump inlet. This causes turbulance and poor performance of the jet pump. Many people describe it as a slipping clutch or spinning your tires in the mud.......no traction. They also have a tendency of spinning an insert inside the hull when you try to remove these parts so GOOD LUCK! Easiest to just buy a pump seal kit. I seal mine by cutting chunks of styrofoam and sealing that into the parts with epoxy resin.