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Please disregard I moved my question to the project and builds section

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  • Please disregard I moved my question to the project and builds section

    When attempting to clean the bolt holes for the install of the new motor mounts I blew air into the bolt hole on the the right and water came out of the bolt hole on the left. It seems on that side of the waverunner under both motor mounts there is water trapped inside the fiberglass rail. For reference this waverunner hasn't touched water for years with the exception of me washing the inside back in November of last year. I left the waveunner inside my garage and checked it yesterday (5 months later ) and still water spits out when I shoot air into the bolt hole, also the right side has no water blowing out of it and never did.

    My question is what does this mean and what should I do ?

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    Did the hull freeze over the winter after you washed the hull interior, and water presumably become trapped under there?
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      No winter . I live in Florida . Ty for trying to help me out.


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        I thought the water would evaporate after 5 months of being in my garage .