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What Exhaust Is In My 2000 Waverunner XLT1200?

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  • What Exhaust Is In My 2000 Waverunner XLT1200?

    New to this forum and looking for some insight. I typically work on Mercruiser V8 engine teardowns, and this is my first waverunner.

    I purchased a used 2000 Yamaha Waverunner XLT1200 last summer and surprisingly it ran the whole summer well.
    At the end of last season it would not go over 2000 RPM in water after 3 people were out riding (Were riding for hours prior fine).
    I assumed it sucked up weed which is why it wasn't getting up and going but the grate was clear. I hit the gas and it will just go up to 2000 RPM and no further, never gets on a plane. Out of the water it revs up fine with no hesitation.

    I also wanted to replace the head and head gasket, and check cylinders and pistons as the compression appears low.
    Front to back compression readings are (Front to back) 105, 100, 100.
    I actually expected issues as the engine sounded a little loose at idle and was surprised it ran all summer without any issue.
    It did smoke a lot when I first started using it after purchasing it, but cleared up and ran better as the summer went on. I did use Klotz 2 cycle oil all summer and seafoam in fuel. Oil is added in the reservoir and it is not pre-mixed in gas.

    So to start my tear down to replace the head, head gasket, and carburetor, I wanted to order all my parts prior, gaskets being one of the first items since the exhaust has to be removed
    The prior owner had told me it was stock, but obviously isn't as the temp sensor is hanging and the exhaust does not look like stock from pics I've found online. I'm assuming a D-plate was installed and chip since the temp sensor is hanging.

    I planned on also doing a carb tuneup, assuming its a Mikuni carb. Replacing the oil lines and making sure clips are installed on power valves which I've read here.

    So my questions are:
    What exhaust pipe is in my waverunner so I can order any gaskets needed for its removal/reinstallation?
    What top end kit should I order?
    Any insight on the 2000 RPM limit I'm experiencing?
    Does everything else look stock?
    Any insight is greatly appreciated, and anything else you feel I should address while performing this work.

    Looking up parts can be difficult, as when I put in the year and model, it does not show an XLT1200 offered in 2000. I even called Yamaha to confirm and they couldn't give any info on the hull number I gave them.
    It also doesn't help that the model/serial plate is missing on the head, which I'm assuming was changed.​​