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2004 XL 700 Waverunner

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  • 2004 XL 700 Waverunner

    looking for recommended service guidelines to put Ski back into service for summer. low hrs all original machine. thanks for tips..

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    By all means, inspect and/or replace the oil lines with Tygon or Polyurethane hose!!! The original hoses WILL fall off and destroy your engine.

    Secure the hoses with Oetiker clamps or .025" stainless steel safety wire, NOT tie-wraps. Be sure the inline check valves are installed with the arrows pointing toward the air box. Test the check valves (actually pop-off valves) prior to re-installation, as they fail. The valves should only flow in one direction and should open at about 4-5 PSI. You can rig up a test fixture with a pressure gauge with a low range. Prime the oil lines prior to installation and bleed air from the supply line with the bleeder screw on the oil pump.

    The parts drawing for your boat doesn't show an inline oil filter, but it does show a strainer in the tank. Clean it with solvent and clean the tank, as well. It's surprising how much junk there is in 'new' oil.

    It's a good idea to run a tank of pre-mixed fuel the first time out to verify that you have all of the air out of the injection system.

    Hopefully you've run a fuel stabilizer in the gas during storage, or completely drained the system to prevent the formation of gum. Charge the battery. Inspect the trailer lights, grease the bearings, check the tire pressure, make sure registration stickers on the trailer and 'Ski are current.
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