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1998 Yahama GP 1200

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  • 1998 Yahama GP 1200

    Okay new two the jet ski world and just would like some advice. So I took the Ski out monday ran really good. Took it out the next week and ran like crap. Found out there was a decent amount of water in my tank, So I dumped out the tank and changed the filter. Took it back out to the lake the next day and still wouldn't run good. So i took the filter out and blew threw it a few times still has some water, but now i have zero water from the tank to the filter and it still runs like crap.

    Question number 1- Is there any way on these that water can some how get sucked into the tank?

    Question #2- Should I tear the carbs down at this point and just rebuild them? or what else should I try to get it to run right again.

    I can get it up to about 7MPH and thats it. you can feel sometimes it wants to take off but falls on it face. I checked compression it was 120 at every cylinder as well.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    1. Loose gas cap, damaged seal on the cap or a crack in the cap.

    2. Yes, you should open them up and check for water. If it ran 'really good', I wouldn't do anything to them except get the water out. Be careful not to damage any gaskets. If you do, the put kits in them. Use ONLY Genuine Mikuni parts!
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