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Yamaha Fly-By-Wire For FlyBoard

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  • Yamaha Fly-By-Wire For FlyBoard

    Hi, I am wondering how the fly by wire throttle works in the yamaha waverunners? I am attempting to build my own waterproof throttle to use with the flyboard. I am a computer engineer so I know how these things work.
    I purchased a throttle from a 2009 FX-SHO thinking the fly-by-wire throttle sensor was built in. part number: F1W-67250-01-00. But it is not. It looks like maybe a short cable off the throttle lever connects to a sensor close by?????

    Anyone know? If someone can help me with getting the right parts, I will post all the build specs and parts of how to make your own fly-by-wire throttle to adapt to older waverunners...this is in the attempt to locate the throttle far from the waverunner, obviously.

    And if the Yamaha controls are not the best choice, let me know.