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    Friend of mine sent me this yesterday. Looks like a good way to scare the hell out someone at the local beaches. Comes with a hefty $100,000 price tag.

    This is the streamlined, two-person watercraft that breaches and submerges just like the Orcinus orca after which it is designed. A pilot protected beneath its watertight 1/2"-thick acrylic canopy pushes and pulls twin control levers to articulate the whale's pectoral fins for rolls and stealthy dives. With a finger on the right lever's throttle trigger, steering is provided by dual foot pedals that control the vectored thrust of the craft's 255-hp supercharged Rotax axial flow engine, enabling realistic behaviors such as porpoising or skyhopping. It can hydroplane up to 50 mph over the water's surface and it can cruise up to 25 mph while submerged; its dorsal fin's integrated snorkel ensures air supply to the engine up to a depth of 5'.

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    Kinda cool .... I saw this sub-ski last fall on here. Its the kinda thing you would get if $$ was no issue
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      There a company that used to sell those for about $30k.
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        30k seems more reasonable. 100k better come with a mermaid to.