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Engine swap now no dash

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    I unplugged the connector on the idle valve and I did not get any spark. Only thing that changed was that there was an engine error light that came up on the dash.


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      I got the ski going. It turns out I had a stator wire that had been cut. Ski runs like a dream now. Just as an FYI to anyone that may be attempting an engine swap for a FX HO, I was able to get a 2007 engine to work in my 2004. My final combination ended up using the throttle bodies and stator off of the 2004, which may not have been necessary but my problem was the cut stator wire that I did not find until I had switched the parts onto the 2007 engine. The large grey ground connector that is located on the oil cooler had 3 wire on the 2007 engine while the 2004 utilized 4 wire on its connector. Upon switching the two, I was able to get the dash to function.