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2009 yamaha fx sho tac hesitation at wot

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  • 2009 yamaha fx sho tac hesitation at wot

    I just pulled the jetskis out of the garage and took the yamaha for its first ride since this summer. It started right up once i backed into the water so i figured everything was all set. I drove around slowly for 10 minutes just to get everything flowing again and warmed up. But when i opened it up for the first time it ran like complete balls, it was taching about 5000 and was bouncing from 4-5000 and would not stay at the same rpm. I went back to shore and checked everything over, plugs all looked good, oil looked good, and no codes on the dash. So i figured maybe bad gas? so i went back out and it ran way better, no hesisitation down low so i rode for 15 miles down the river. But then when i was holding it wide open i noticed that it was running slightly different than it usually did. At 7500 rpms it was hesistating, and the tach would bounce between 7400 and 7600 and i had never recalled it taching like that before. Not only that but it sounded a little different than always too. But i am mostly only concerened with the tach bouncing at high rpms? any ideas would be great.

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    It could be from the gas sitting over the winter or it could be time for new plugs. How old are they?
    I'd burn the old gas out, put some fresh in it then see how it's doing.


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      Sounds like plugs and gas. Start there.
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        plugs have like 100 hours on them. ill replace them, its time to replace them anyways. and ill run it out of gas too. thanks for the help


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          Yep. What about the oil? When last time changed?
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