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Timing chain tensioner.... oil leak

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    Thanks guys for your help. I drilled and tapped it and made sure I didn't go deep. Only as deep as the heli coil. I measured the distance by sticking a small drill bit in the hole. I then put a peice of tape on the drill bit I was using to drill out the threads to have a visual aid as to when to stop. Came out perfect. Just have to put the banjo bolt in.


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      replaced everything with the heli-coil and the banjo bolt fits perfectly flush with the oil line. Everything is sealed perfectly with the added protection of reinforced threads. I took apart the head to inspect the oil hole on cyl one bellow the intake cam and there was no metal particals. The hole is so small that it doesnt allow anything to pass. i still did blow everything out and rechecked for shavings and did not find any. Everything was able to betaken out at the banjo bolt hole. Thanks for all your help!