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Worx SVHO pump cone

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  • Worx SVHO pump cone

    Hey all.
    GP1800 Stage1 Plus, Solas 13/20 pitched to 18.
    Best speed 84.5 @ 8550. Jesus raised the rev limit from 8500 to 8600

    I took a stone through the pump a few weeks back and when it was out I pitched the impeller back to 13/20 to bring the revs down a bit. Now I'm at 79 @ 8150 which seems low considering I got 78.5 on the Stage 1 and bone stock ski and impeller

    So, I'll be pulling the prop again and pitching back to 18.

    question: has anyone tried an extended cone other than the Lucky13? My local Yam dealer has a Worx one on the shelf at a good price so I'm going to give it a try. The aim is to reduce the usual GP holeshot cavitation and hopefully bring the RPMs down from 8550 by 100 or so. But.. what's it likely to do to the 84.5 speed? More velocity from the cone reducing the nozzle bore, but lower RPMs too.

    Any thoughts before I buy and fit?
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    17ÔÇÖ GP1800. Stage1 Plus agr.Cold air intake, rib.delete, exh.bypass, Riva BOV, TB mount, Solas 13/18, Worx plate, Riva grate.
    84.5 @ 8550

    96ÔÇÖ Waveraider bored 84.5mm and a ton of mods. 65gps

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    Old thread, but has anyone tested this on a GP1800R?

    I want to keep my siphon tube, thats the main reason for considering this option over the L13 adjustable cone.

    will this worx cone reduce RPMs ?
    99' GP1200 / 00' GP1200R / 01' GP1200R


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      In old threads talk about he reduces 100rpm, but Jerry Green Hulk or greg GreenHulk Jr be knows better