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GreenHulk Unveils the 2022 Yamaha WaveRunners

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  • GreenHulk Unveils the 2022 Yamaha WaveRunners

    The 2022 Yamaha WaveRunners are here! I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit Yamaha and ride their newest prized possessions and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed! For 2022, Yamaha’s main focus was connectivity and user experience with their watercraft. The new Yamaha accessories, standard features, and factory equipped options raised the bar for jet skis across the board!

    This year Yamaha’s Superjet, GP, VX, and EX line watercraft remained unchanged other than newer colors. My personal favorite has to be the Black and Titan GP color scheme. Even though the watercraft remained the same, they can pack some new accessories. The EX and all-new Jetblaster models can be equipped with the new detachable footwell audio system($599.99). The system provides 3 speakers in each pod that can be removed for charging and enjoying your music even if you decide to leave the ski. Each speaker pod floats and is capable of 50 hours of battery life at 50% volume level or 10 hours of life at full blast! The mounting plates are permanently fastened to the ski.

    The Superjet will also be boasting some MUCH needed accessories! My all time favorite watercraft will forever be the Yamaha Superjet. I grew up on the water riding my Superjet for hours on end! However, the biggest downfall to the Superjet was that it wasn’t practical to take on long rides; there was little to no storage and fuel economy suffered. In conjunction to the newest fuel efficient four stroke Superjet, Yamaha added dry and wet storage capabilities, an audio system, and mooring cleats to securely tie the watercraft to a dock. The audio system cleanly fastens to the handle pole giving perfect directional sound flow in every possible position of the rider. A dry storage bag is available for the front of the foot well and a wet storage compartment can be equipped to the chin pad.
    With these added features, the Superjet is looking to be my watercraft of choice for long distance cruises!

    We can’t talk about the Superjet without acknowledging Yamaha’s newest freestyle WaveRunner, the all new Jetblaster! Yes, they brought back the iconic name of the Blaster, for decades the Blaster has been a favorite for freestyle riders, surf riders, and anyone who simply wants to have a “BLAST” on the water. For 2022, the all new Jetblaster doesn’t soil the name of such an iconic WaveRunner. Yamaha’s newest edition shares the same hull design as the EX line; however, the JetBlaster is constructed of NanoExcel 2 which drastically reduces the weight, increases rigidity, and creates a more performance oriented ride. The Jetblaster has a unique steering system; the handlebars are higher and wider with newly designed hand grips, all of which is much needed on a freestyle watercraft. The Jetblaster is equipped with Yamaha’s intuitive RiDE system and a custom tuned trim range to adapt to anyone's riding style. Trim it all the way up for a loose, playful watercraft or trim it down for a better top speed and cruising.

    At the stern, you will notice foot wedges for better weight distribution and control when throwing around the new Jetblaster. While carrying over 13 gallons of fuel, the newest WaveRunners will be powered by the most powerful compact engine offered in any watercraft, the Yamaha TR-1. To top it all off, the Jetblaster is offered in a striking color scheme that pays tribute to it’s retro ancestor, the Waveblaster. With all of these features packed into an already proven hull design, it creates a confidence-inspiring freestyle watercraft that is a “BLAST” the entire family can enjoy all for under ten thousand US dollars.

    Here's my video overview showing the new Jetblaster. Please subscribe to our GreenHulk Garage YouTube channel as lots more content is on the way


    Yamaha did not forget about the consumers who care about features, comfortable rides, and exploring new areas on their PWC. The refined FX series packs loads of features to be enjoyed by recreational riders, riders who enjoy fishing, long distance riders, performance-oriented riders, and everyone in between! Starting with the hull, it is now constructed of SMC fiberglass rather than NanoExcel; the new fiberglass hull will be a more comfortable ride due to the increased weight.

    Even though weight is increased, it still performs better than previous years thanks to a newly designed ride plate and sponsons that are moved 50mm forward. The new ride plate changes the entire attitude of the WaveRunner; a 3 degree angle on SVHO models and 5 degree angle on HO models creates more bow lift. The added bow lift allows for a drier ride and an increased 2mph top speed on the HO models. The SVHO is still speed limited per the US Coast Guard. Sitting in the cockpit, the changes made to the dash are quite obvious. For 2022, the FX has a 7 inch display on SVHO models and a 5 inch display on HO models. This new infotainment system is going to be a game-changer for the industry. Yamaha wanted to focus on connectivity and they certainly accomplished this. Your phone pairs directly to the infotainment screen. Once paired, you will be able to control your music through the touch screen or control pad, whichever your prefer, and even view text messages or answer phone calls.

    Along with the new factory installed audio system and added microphones you can easily talk on the phone hands free. In addition to connectivity, GPS is being introduced to the newest infotainment screen. We’ve been wanting a GPS speedometer from Yamaha for a while now; Yamaha delivered GPS features far beyond our expectations. With an optional map card, you will be able to utilize the 7 or 5 inch display as a GPS capable of planning routes, leaving tracks, and geofencing. Gone are the days of needing to mount an external GPS to your WaveRunner; the wiring, hard-mounting, and headaches required for a custom set-up is no longer necessary. In the infotainment system you will find new drive control features. You can now fine tune and preset trim functions for all of your riding styles. Not only can you save different trim modes, but you can also set top speed limits and adjust your preferred acceleration curves. Directly in front of the steering system, you can find two molded in cupholders with RAM mount functionality. The steering column also received several upgrades; the FX will now have sleeker handle bars with one-button stop/start and two rope hooks.

    Lastly, the FX now features a redesigned water-tight glove box with USB charging, a 12V outlet, LED lighting, and a dedicated area for your smartphone. The redesigned FX has greatly improved over the previous generation with features for all riders…but that’s not all.

    Introducing the my favorite feature, the RecDeck, an extended rear platform for the FX that is removable, sturdy, and versatile. With an MSRP of $999.99 you can add a larger platform to the stern of any 2019 and newer Yamaha FX WaveRunner. The RecDeck doesn’t change the ride surface of the hull and con be equipped with numerous Yamaha and third party accessories. The RecDeck features 4 anchor points and 6 kayak styled rails to tailor the deck to meet anyone's needs. Yamaha is currently offering a lounge chair($499.99), a premium fishing package($1199.99), a standard fishing package($499.99), an adjustable rack system($599.99), and a tow sports package($199.99); we can expect to see more packages offered for the RecDeck in the future.

    As always, you can purchase factory Yamaha parts and accessories right here in the GreenHulkStore.com

    The adjustable rack securely fastens to the RecDeck thanks to the four anchor points; the rack ranges in width from 16.5 inches to 28.5 inches to equip almost any sized cooler. The rack is required to mount the optional 25 inch wide lounge chair. The chair is constructed of high quality, marine grade vinyl found on Yamaha’s class leading jet boats. The chair also comes with two insulated storage bags capable of keeping your beverages and snacks cool in the summer heat. As tempting as it may be, please do not ride on the lounge chair; the chair was designed for lounging, not riding.

    My favorite package will have to be the premium fishing package. The package includes an Engel JetFish cooler, an adjustable rack, two cup holders, two rod holders, and two tie down straps to securely fasten the cooler. The premium fishing package will make fishing on this high tech WaveRunner a dream. You will absolutely find a FX equipped with the RecDeck and premium fish package in my garage next summer! The standard fish package includes everything in the premium fishing package except for the adjustable rack.

    For those of you who are looking for more than just lounging or fishing, tow sports is an option as well. The tow sports package includes an inflatable single person tube, a 12V pump, a tow rope, and bungee hold-down to secure the tube while underway. The extended rear deck makes for re boarding and preparing for the tow sports action effortless. If you prefer to customize your own set up, all of these accessories will be sold a la carte in the GreenHulk Store. The RecDeck along with added accessories will further enhance anyone's experience on a Yamaha WaveRunner.

    With all of the new additions and changes made to Yamaha’s WaveRunner line for 2022, I am excited for the future of the PWC industry. I love to fish, ride hard, and sometimes have some playful fun on the water; Yamaha’s 2022 lineup can deliver all of these attributes! I am not one to be easily impressed, but I have fallen in love with the changes made for 2022 and will be adding some sweet new rides to my fleet this year! If you are as excited as I am, contact your preferred Yamaha WaveRunner dealer for more information on purchasing one of these exciting new watercraft. I will be thoroughly enjoying countless hours fishing, cruising around, and pushing my limits in 2022 aboard none other than a Yamaha WaveRunner!

    I hope you enjoyed my presentation as much as I've enjoyed filming videos and writing this for you. Please keep the GreenHulkStore.com in mind for your factory replacement parts, factory accessories and performance parts to make your ski more enjoyable.

    Greg Gaddis
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                I have to say, I'm very proud of my son, Greg Gaddis. He's doing a great job with producing video content for you guys. He's also writing for the Watercraft Journal and also Pro Rider Magazine. Please be sure to subscribe to those publications for great content about this hobby we all love.

                This was Greg's first time coming along with me for the Yamaha Press Intro and he had such a great time. Be sure to subscribe to our GreenHulk Garage YouTube Channel as we will be providing much more content in the near future.

                After riding the new Jetblaster I have to say Yamaha hit a home run with this ski. It's a lot of fun and extremely playful. This is for sure going to be a hit with any family looking to have a fun day out on the water. I'm looking forward to the Riva Stage 1 kit for this ski as it's certainly going to take it to the next level. Stay tuned to the GreenHulk forum for updates on that.

                I absolutely love the changes Yamaha made with the FX line up. Going to the SMC fiberglass hull adds about 40 lbs of weight to the ski, but it's a much needed weight gain. It now handles rough water much more comfortably and predictably. Combined with the new ride plate design, moving the sponsons 50mm further forward, handling has been greatly improved. As Greg mentioned, the FX HO gets a redesigned 5 degree ride plate that adds 2 mph to the HO platform. The FX SVHO has a redesigned 3 degree plate which totally transforms the handling and rough water ability of this ski.
                Of course I haven't personally tested this yet, but I predict the HO's 5 degree plate is going to be a performance enhancement for the SVHO skis. I know some will ask, why didn't Yamaha just put the 5 degree HO plate on the SVHO? The reason is simple, they already have to electronically speed limit the SVHO skis. I can't wait to get the new FX SVHO in my hands so that I can test the HO plate on it. It should be interesting. This new 2022 ride plate is going to be a fantastic upgrade for 2019-2021 FX skis. Rest assured, once these 2022 plates are available you will find them in the GreenHulkStore.com at discounted prices.

                I hope you all enjoyed Greg's review and videos. Lots more to come!

                Save money on your pwc performance parts! Use the discount code: greenhulk when completing the checkout process in the GREENHULK PWC Performance Store and save 10% off the listed price of MOST Riva Racing and ALL WORX Racing Products. We also offer Fizzle Racing, MaptunerX tuning bundle packages, and instant download tuning licenses at discounted prices.

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                  nice, very nice fishing accessories, was hoping for a nice color combo on the gp. thanks for the post greg and jerry.
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                    Lot's of funky colors if you're into that.


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                      Digging the all black GP but they used some of the best color combos on the VX line.


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                        Awesome review and videos. Always good content and the new videos are certainly appreciated. GH Garage definitely has improved even further. Great work guys!


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                          Jerry and Greg, thanks for all you do! So cool to see. Looks like even Yamaha is surprised by the move away from NanoXcel2 on the FXs, as if you click "More Info" it's still listed.

                          Build and Price | Yamaha WaveRunners


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                            I'll also be curious to see if the new touchscreen can swap in for unit on the 2019-2021 models, and enable adding the footwell speakers to those skis. Really cool stuff!


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                              Thanks Jerry! Good write up!
                              But what about the hull delam problems? What is Yamaha doing to address this issue?