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2012 Yamaha 1.8L HO VXR drive shaft housing

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  • 2012 Yamaha 1.8L HO VXR drive shaft housing

    How difficult is it to replace this piece? Can I use some marine 5200 for a short term fix?

    It is a hairline crack that I had just noticed after cleaning the inside of the hull. This is a new to me ski that I picked up at the beginning of December.
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    Yes. In my opinion.
    That plastic cover protects the through hull fitting.

    If I am not mistaken there is a upgrade kit to replace what you have now. Not expensive at all.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for the reply

      Would happen to know the website where to get this piece. I already have the pump off and the impeller housing /wear ring off. Also i have the rubber hose removed. I was going to order the Riva aluminum piece to replace the rubber hose but i need the new plastic piece. Partzilla has the piece listed but I want to make sure i get the correct one.