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2002 FX140 gagues

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  • 2002 FX140 gagues

    I have a FX140 Yamaha and am finding that the speed, fuel, oil,etc, gagues are not acturate, how can they be checked out. Can anyone explain how the speedometer reads the speed. 582boat

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    The speedo reading comes from a paddle wheel located just to the left hand side of the rideplate, check that this is rotating freely.
    You say the gauges are not accurate, can you go into more detail ?

    If all displays are giving false readings then you really need to get it hooked up to the Yamaha Diagnostic System (Main dealer). If correct voltage is being supplied then gauge is at fault & will need replacing.


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      FX140 Gagues

      Dave, Concerning maybe, replacement, other than dealers where do I go. With reference to the little paddle for speed indicator, it seems to be rotating without restictions, but when I am traveling along the indicator on the dash wil only show one or two miles per hour.


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        If the paddle wheel is rotating freely it is still possible that it is not outputting the correct voltage, however if all the readouts are inaccurate, first thing to check is all cables / connections to the multifunction display, its possible there is a loose or bad connection through water ingress.

        Other then that you really need a service manual to run through other electrical checks, a couple of which need the diagnostic system hooked up, allthough you could probably get around this if you are competent with electrics.


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          2002 Fx140

          Dave, Concering the Yamaha Diagnostic System Instructional manuel CD Disc, where can it be purchased. I see that you can use the CD with your Laptop Computer and hook up your waverunner for a diagnoses.


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            link for fx140 service manual

            Here is the link:

            May be will help.