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Freshly built Stage 3 2023 RIVA FX SVHO issues / Code 159

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  • Freshly built Stage 3 2023 RIVA FX SVHO issues / Code 159

    Hey Everyone,

    I just finished the installation of a Stage 3 kit on my new 2023 FX SVHO. It had 5.2 hours on it at the time of the build and everything was working properly. Installation of everything went just fine, until I went to go start it up for the first time. An engine light appeared (159) for the rear bucket, and it doesn't move like it typically did prior to installation and the flash. Now it shudders as it moves up and down.

    Is it possible the tune could impact the bucket? Any other ideas? Obviously the RIDE system and motor wasn't touched during the process of installation, so I'm at a loss. I can't even start it and water test it under the circumstances. I did also get the modified nozzles from Deans Team with a slight extension (but it doesn't have any fitment issues)

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    Surely on a stage 3 you did the impeller which has the bucket and nozzle removed. You just need to step through all you done methodically and hopefully the issue presents itself


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      OK, I've gone through twice and disassembled and reassembled everything pump related. Nothing is binding, the linkage isn't overly tight, everything moves freely by hand.....I'm stumped. I'm charging up the battery because I did get a low voltage indicator last time I messed with it, but I was at 13.36 volts, and it had the amperage to crank and turn over the ski, so I doubt that's it.

      Any other ideas?


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        Flash back to factory map and see will it work normally. At least then that will steer you if the tune is the issue