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Drive Coupler Stripped VX1100

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  • Drive Coupler Stripped VX1100

    Hey, Gang!

    My 2011 VX1100 lost power to the Impeller this weekend. After removing the pump I found that the intermediate shaft coupling is stripped at its threaded connection to the shaft. I can twist the drive shaft by hand and the power coupling doesn't move.

    Question 1: Is the coupling aluminum? Would the steel shaft still be good?

    Question 2: How possible is it to replace myself without much for special tools? (Assuming it is only the coupling that's bad)

    Thank you for any advice!!

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    As another follow up question: Can I move the engine forward enough to replace the coupler on the intermediate shaft without a hoist?

    I'm also looking for recommendations on the right tool to hold the spline end of the impeller shaft.


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      I went ahead and rented an engine hoist. I used it to move the engine forward and remove the bad coupler half. The driveshaft threads were still intact so the new coupler threaded right on. I got it all lined up again and I'm back on the water! I'm assuming the previous owner beat it up pretty well since I had to replace a bent intake grate as well. Seems to be running 100% now.


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        hey great that worked out for you!!!
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