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07 VX110 no start, intermittent bad fuel pump?

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  • 07 VX110 no start, intermittent bad fuel pump?

    I had several problems to begin with, I replaced old spark plugs, ignition coils, and injectors which solved the obvious problems. Oddly now it is not starting at all, though spark looks good and injector pattern looks clean.

    I just got a fuel pressure gauge on it, looks like it immediately jumps to 25 psi when the ignition comes on. While cranking it drops to about 20. Engine is not turning over at all which I thought was odd, usually I would expect it to at least fire/turn over intermittently. A couple days ago it started/ran rough after replacing plugs but I say intermittent in the topic because today it isnt starting at all.

    I have been searching around for the correct fuel pressure, I havent found anything specific for the model but it sounds it should be closer to 40-50 psi, and stay constant while turning over? Wanted to verify before throwing parts at it and ordering a whole new pump/sending unit.

    Thank you