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    • So, my impeller project went well. Everything worked as y'all said it would. I installed a new Solas 13/19. The original impeller was actually pretty clean, just a few nicks & scratches along the leading edges.

      However, I still feel excess vibration and wonder what it could be. The pump bearings that I can see looked perfect, made zero noise and were smooth when I had the shaft out and rotated it. So, could the vibration be coming from the mid-shaft bearing? The ski has 240 hours on it. The motor runs great & the oil is super clean. The only mods are ribbon delete and performance air filter. There is a lot of noise from taking out the throttle body ribbon. Any advice from you experts? What has been your experience with a defective mid shaft bearing does it vibrate? Noises?

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    Very possible you have a bad midshaft bearing.
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      Green Hulk, what are the diagnosis techniques to determine if the mid shaft bearing is bad, without tearing it all down? Any advice?