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Rip'N Tear's Stage 3+ SHO Build

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  • Rip'N Tear's Stage 3+ SHO Build

    Hi Everyone,

    It's a New Year....time for new resolutions, new beginnings, and NEW MODS!!!!!!!! With my desire to run and finish LB2CAT and some other offSHOre endurance races this year, I decided to go BIG on my SHO.
    That being said, this thread will SHOw what it takes to install a Riva Stage 3 kit on a Yamaha FX-SHO....which includes fuel, cooling, pump, and electronics upgrades needed to feed, cool, and protect this beast when she's done and rippin!!!.

    I say Stage 3+ because not only am I installing the Riva Stage 3 kit, I'm also beefing up the shortblock with aftermarket rods, pistons, and head stud kits. Why you ask?

    The Yamaha platform is proving itself to be a very stout platform, even when running the Stage 3 kit and cast internals. Even though some individuals are knocking the cast internals, many people have been pushing the envelope and making 330+ hp at over 8600 RPM. Jerry and JD1 are 2 examples. Deans Team Racing has raced a whole CC season with his FZR's running the Stage 3 kit, sometimes reaching as high as 9000rpm during a pump unhook,,,with no issues!!

    But offSHOre racing is a different animal. And the usually constant, volatile sea-states are extremely punishing on the skis, riders, and engines. Also, when watching the race results of the MH 300, LB2CAT, and other endurance races, I started to get worried by the high attrition rate/DNF's witnessed in the high-hp skis in the open-class races. Considering the sloppy, washing-machine waves that we have to run off the East Coast, it's easy to visualize the beating these engines can take from hooking/unhooking in the chop for long, extended runs.

    These are the factors that I considered as I made my decision to beef-up the shortblock on my SHO, particularly the connecting rods and pistons. I plan on installing all ARP hardware and the RIVA valve train upgrade kit as well for added reliability/longevity. Not to mention an eye-to-the-future when bigger boost wheels come out....
    I will also be making modification to the pump and prop to a more suitable offSHOre set-up, as well as the handle-bars and other assorted offSHOre tweaks. Stay tuned....

    I would definitely like to keep this build thread positive and on-topic. I welcome suggestions and ideas that you guys have for the build, but please keep brand-loyalty arguments and other assorted BS out of the thread.

    Components of the Stage 3 Kit are as follows:

    RIVA Powerfilter & Intake Manifold Kit (279.95+37.95)
    RIVA Pro-Series E1 SC Wheel (599.95)
    RIVA SC Shaft Upgrade (349.95)
    RIVA Pro-Series Powercooler (994.95)
    RIVA/HKS SSQV Blow-off Valve (274.95)
    RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit (474.95)
    RIVA/VIPEC ECU (2,799.95)
    RIVA Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit (TBA*)
    RIVA FF Exhaust Kit (189.95)
    RIVA Engine Breather Upgrade Kit (47.95)

    Shortblock & Valvetrain Upgrades for OffSHOre

    RIVA Forged Racing Pistons (959.80)
    RIVA/CARRILLO Connecting Rods (1,103.00)
    RIVA Cylinder Head Stud Kit (229.95)
    RIVA Valve Train Upgrade Kit (724.95)
    RIVA Mains Stud Kit (TBA*)

    * = TBA.....New Riva Part...Waiting on Pricing

    Wish me luck guys....the motor comes out Monday!! I took some 'before' pics of the hull, motor, and pump. If they only knew what's about to happen to them.....
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    Last edited by Rip'nTear SHO; 03-22-2010, 08:03 AM.
    Rut-Ro!!! It's a SHO!!!!
    Seeeeea Yaaaa!!!!!!!
    '08 Stage 3+ OffSHOre FX-SHO--->http://www.greenhulk.net/showthread.php?t=114782


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    someone must have been really angry with you when they saran wrapped your ski jk - gl with the build
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      mega stuff going down here

      your sho hull looks ready for action all wrapped in its condom

      this build i cant wait to see. best of luck...not that lucks needed
      It's not fun, its R&D


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        Awesome Chris.
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          Originally posted by JIM'S PERFORMANCE
          Awesome Chris.
          LEO'S WEDGE OVER 106MPH CALL 813-407-9348. leo's FX SHO B1 setup 85.1mph (In the 1/8th) ;) , ( JIM'S PERFORMANCE RIDELATES,TESTED OVER 104.3MPH. CELL 727-365-5132) have a nice day :seeya:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06QlRhXXXqk


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            Are you going to do the engine work yourself or have someone else do it?

            If someone else who? I just have not heard of anyone going into these skis like the SD's as of yet.
            My modified lightened and balanced clutch has held up over 4 hours now!!!
            Now as soon as I write this it will break in the driveway!


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              Sounds awesome Chris. With how much you're beefing of the engine, I can't wait to see how fast it goes when you really push the boost. If at some point an aftermarket supercharger comes out you'll have no problem running it.
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                That skis going to be quite a monster Chris. I look forward to following your build
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                  Looks like a fun and exciting project. Look forward to your progress and really want to know how you like the VIPEC system when you are done.

                  Thanks for sharing.
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                    Good luck man!! Can't wait to ride it...

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                        Thats a lot of shizle going on there. Good luck with it.
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                          Chris, good luck w/the beef-up. That blue tiger shark is going to be quite awesome when your done. Think you'll have her ready for MB? If so, we can put you in the midst of some commercial barge traffic on the ICW - our very own "open water on a bad day" wave simulator.
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                            NICE!! That's a lot of stuff..lol good luck with it!
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                              Way to go Chris This is going to be awesome!!
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