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2005 SX230 HO Intermediate Shaft/Seal Assembly

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  • 2005 SX230 HO Intermediate Shaft/Seal Assembly

    I have a 2005 SX230/HO and the port engine intermediate shaft seal failed over the weekend and needless to say water was pouring in. I am hoping someone on this forum has replaced this part before and is willing to share any lessons learned? At a minimum it looks like the engine has to be unbolted and moved forward in order to pull the shaft out. I found the intermediate housing assembly at Island Racing (pictured below). Question is there anything else I need to order? and I understand the shaft has to be pressed out of the old assembly and into the new one. Is that something I can do or are special tools required? Does anyone sell the complete assembly with the shaft and coupler already installed so I don't have to find a local shop with the correct tools? Any advice is greatly appreciated .

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