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  • rx1800

    I have a 2001 RX1800, just wondering how to adjust the idle and mixture on the carbs. New to these types of boats any help would be awesome

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    Welcome aboard, rx1800! I would presume that you actually have an XR 1800.

    I would suggest that you start off by getting a service manual for your boat. With a boat that age, it's very likely that the carbs need to be overhauled. Use ONLY genuine Mikuni parts--it does make a difference.

    There are a number of things that MUST be done to you boat to make it reliable.

    First, open the bilge area and inspect the rubber isolators underneath the waterboxes. They are prone to falling out, which allows the waterboxes to run holes through the hull. Several XRs have sunken because of this!

    Inspect the oil lines. The factory setup had vinyl hose that was too short (and shrinks) that was secured with nylon tie-wraps. Replace this with 1/8" ID polyurethane hose that is longer and secured with Oetiker clamps or .025" stainless steel safety wire.

    These engines have what is known as 'power valves' that can come apart. Look into getting Waveeater clips them to prevent this.

    The boat originally had catalytic converters. The converter elements would come apart and plug the exhaust, along with making the engine bay very hot and causing vapor lock problems. Check that yours have been removed and replaced with D-plates. There is also a temperature sensor that needs to be adjusted (I believe you install a resistor, but do a search for it).

    You must also upgrade the jet pump cleanout plugs so they won't blow out. They're expensive to replace when they blow out, and they can damage the rear hatch.
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