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    Hello I'm new to this form but not new to PWC I have had a 1995 Sea-Doo XP that I brought back to life and made reliable and enjoy but now have a new to me toy a 2005 Yamaha AR210 (two-stroke) I need some help with. I bought it knowing it had an exhaust manifold water leak on a reman engine the previous owners shop had installed and figured it was just a gasket. No such luck for me the exhaust mating surface on the block had 0.006" warp in the 13" span end to end. I figured that it was to warped to seal reliably so I pulled the engine (it still has 14 months of warranty) and sent it in for warranty hopefully the next engine works out better...

    So on to the new problem, waiting on the replacement engine has given me time to look over the boat and I thought I had better check the driveline bearings with the engine out naturally something in the bearings did not feel right turning it by hand so I pulled the carrier bearings to find that the driveshaft is misaligned, off-center, and in a bind. Am I correct in thinking the jet pump transom plate needs to be re shimmed at the mounting bolts like it is now just with the driveshaft centered in the hole?

    Second question...
    In the center of my carrier bearing coupler there is a loose rivet that seems to be a path for water to enter the boat by following the driveshaft splines (there were no O-rings in the carrier bearing coupler to seal the driveshaft splines as the parts diagram shows) and threw the rivet hole. I don't see any other couplers online with a rivet hole in them when I search the part number is this something someone added at some time for some reason? there also seems to be cracks that radiate out from the hole that don't look right. Should I buy a new coupler? Thanks for all the help in advance

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