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Puerto Rico Adventure Part 1

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  • Puerto Rico Adventure Part 1

    My wife and I has a great vacation last week. We went to Puerto Rico for the first time, in seven days we covered 1100 miles in the rental car. I wanted to see and do as much as possible in the time we had, on average we left our hotel in Dorado at 0600 and did not get back till 2100 each night. The weather was perfect around 85 degrees and only two short 5 minute rain showers.
    I am going to make this a two part post because I took a lot of pictures and several short videos.

    We stayed in Dorado with a great view from our room and courtyard.

    We visited and toured old San Juan including San Cristobal and El Morro.

    That afternoon we drove to Rincon and hit a couple really nice beaches along the way this was close to Isabella.

    Not too far from Rincon.

    We took the Ferry from Fajardo to the island of Culebra.
    Here I am feeding the pigeons while waiting to get on the ferry. click to start video.

    A short clip on the ride over.

    I saw and swam with some sea turtles right off of the beach.

    A video of me trying to keep up with one.

    The beaches and snorkeling was awesome.

    We also went fishing, diving, zipe line, hiked the rain forest and waterfalls, ect..

    I will do another post after I go through some more pictures and videos.
    Jet Ski Brian

    View my U-Tube video at
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    Culebra island Looks like a nice island on google earth. Thanks for sharing.


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      Holy shit, what kind of camera do you have?? I was born in Puerto Rico and though I've gone a few times to visit family, I have never seen Puerto Rico like you have. One day...


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        Great Pics thanks for sharing.......