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The FISH PRO STORY "Inspired by Andrew Hill"

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  • The FISH PRO STORY "Inspired by Andrew Hill"

    My Sea-Doo storyÔÇØ Inspired by Andrew HillÔÇØ is now live 💯

    The 15 year journey to get to this point is a huge honour and I am so grateful to have such good people in my life who believed in me, after all, this project all started in my garage at home!

    My introduction to PWCs (Personal Watercraft's) was for fun and recreation, and quickly transformed into the coolest job which I still love today. My true passion still continues to be sharing my fishing adventures to inspire people to experience the same enjoyment which I do all around the world-this determination helped make no challenge to big!

    This was enhanced after the support from the Global team at Sea-Doo and was the point the sport of PWC fishing went to the next level with the introduction of the FISH PRO, which made my dream reality with more people enjoying what I do!
    Follow the journey of Sea-Doo ambassador Andrew Hill from a fishing-centric childhood to becoming an entrepreneur and helping develop the Sea-Doo FishPro.Sub...

    Enjoy watching this powerful and true story.
    I look forward to reading your comments at the YouTube link-

    Thanks again to all the people who took time to feature and help create our story of why we love PWC Fishing!