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    To make a long story short, my girlfriend's family has lakefront property and is willing to let me keep my jet ski there whenever I want to. The problem is in order to keep outsiders off the lake, the one boat launch on the entire lake is only open from 8:30am to 11:30am. This means that if I want to ride my ski on the lake throughout the day I have to leave it in over night. I know you're not suppose to just leave them docked in the water so I've Googled homemade and DIY floating docks, lifts, and ramps but have not been able to find much information, many examples, or any discussions about any of them. Has anyone had any experience building their own floating dock, lift, or ramp? If so, pictures and/or a description of how you went about it would certainly be helpful. I am going to try and rig something up soon. Unfortunatly their property has a 2-3 foot high retaining wall where the water begins so it's not as simple as making a ramp that could get the ski onto the lawn and out of the water.

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    Use a bump stop...


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      Originally posted by wpage
      Use a bump stop...
      What is a bump stop?


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        Do a search for "dandy dock" or "connect a port". I bought two of them years ago and absolutley love them.
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          It would really depend on the shore and the depth. You can usually find a lift on Craigslist for cheap. Or if you can approach the shore, make a simple set of bunks that you can ride onto and push off of.