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  • alostaunau
    Man, I have been missing out! Could not get Greenhulk to work via Tapa talk on my phone. Had to log in via an internet browser

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  • Q in Arizona
    It All Makes Sense Now: Joe Biden’s Crooked Business Pseudonym Was “Robert L. Peters” – And Hunter Used “Pedo Peter” Name for His Father on His Phone

    It all makes sense now.

    On Thursday we learned that Joe Biden used the pseudonym “Robert L. Peters” as an alias while engaging in shady multi-million dollar business deals with foreign officials.

    Back in 2022 Tucker Carlson ran a segment on Hunter Biden’s pet name for his father on his cellphone.

    It was “Pedo Peter”.

    It all makes sense now.
    So it's been exposed today that Joe Biden's pseudonym name is Robert L Peters for his money laundering deals in Ukraine….. I wonder if that's why Hunter… his own son has him saved in his phone as Pedo Peter….
    Connect the Dots #WeWantAnswers #BidenCrimeFamilly #PedoPeter pic.twitter.com/0opAxQx5bv

    — Isaac’s Army (@ReturnOfKappy) August 17, 2023


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  • Q in Arizona
    IRS Agent “Accidentally” Shoots and Kills Another Agent During Training In Phoenix – FBI “Investigating” Incident

    Phoenix, Arizona – An IRS agent was gunned down by one of his own Thursday evening during a training exercise according to ABC 15 News.

    ABC 15 News also revealed that the FBI is “investigating” the shooting which is being called an accident.

    Charlotte M. Dennis with the Phoenix Field Office of the IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) division told Arizona’s Family that it was aware of an “incident” involving one of its special agents.

    She said the agent was taken to HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center, where he later passed away.

    The FBI’s field office in Phoenix released an emailed statement vowing a “methodical” approach”:

    The FBI’s investigation will be methodical and thorough to address every element of the incident,” an emailed statement said. Those findings will then be turned over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office (District of Arizona) for review.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) said the gun range was being utilized by multiple federal agencies at the time.

    Here is a video of the aftermath of the shooting:

    🚨#BREAKING: IRS Agent Fatally Shoots and kills another Agent At Phoenix Shooting gun Range

    📌#Phoenix | #Arizona

    Right now Law enforcements and emergency crews are on the scene after a Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent lost their life due to an inadvertent shooting by… pic.twitter.com/jaa7ofwSSN

    — R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) August 18, 2023

    Catturd raised an interesting question on X (formally Twitter): what exactly is the IRS doing with guns?
    Why do IRS agents need guns? https://t.co/afmFoNpQXM

    — Catturd ™ (@catturd2) August 18, 2023


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  • redneck71
    Originally posted by Q in Arizona
    Maui Resident Says We Were Winning Against Fires “Until Water Shut Off”

    A Maui resident has told several news outlets “the water shut off” while he and other members of the Maui community were battling fires.

    Ross Hart, a resident of Maui, stated while he was battling fires with his hose alongside neighbors and firefighters, the water shut off.

    Hart told the New York Times, “You can’t fight fire when you don’t have water… Just throwing dirt on it doesn’t cut it.”

    Maui resident explains how locals fought wildfire on Kula side until water shut off pic.twitter.com/WwjsO3fKXu

    — Jonathan Bustos (@JonathanJBustos) August 13, 2023

    Another video of Ross Hart by the New York Times:
    When the fire came, the water shut off#Lahaina#Maui pic.twitter.com/k2r0C2VhZl

    — Momo (@Momootjem2) August 15, 2023

    Firefighter Keahi Ho, who was battling the deadly fire in Lahaina, offered a similar story and stated, “There was just no water in the hydrants.”

    Per The New York Times:

    During the frantic moments on Tuesday after a wildfire jumped containment near a residential neighborhood in Lahaina, Hawaii, firefighters rushing to slow the spread were distressed to find that their hydrants were starting to run dry.

    Hoping to control the blaze as it took root among homes along the hillside nearly a mile above the center of town, fire crews encountered water pressure that was increasingly feeble, with the wind turning the streams into mist. Then, as the inferno stoked by hurricane-force gusts grew, roaring further toward the historic center of town on the island of Maui, the hydrants sputtered and became largely useless. “There was just no water in the hydrants,” said Keahi Ho, one of the firefighters who was on duty in Lahaina.

    Across the island in Kula, which has a water system separate from Lahaina’s, 16 structures were destroyed. Ross Hart, one of the homeowners whose property was leveled, said he and others fought their fire for hours, sometimes alone with hoses, other times with the aid of firefighters. But he said that as the night wore on, there was no water in the hoses.

    On Sunday, Democratic congresswoman Jill Tokuda revealed Hawaii’s world-renowned alarm system didn’t even sound off.

    So they moved from burning religious compounds to part of an island. Total clown world, I need more popcorn.

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  • Q in Arizona
    Two-Tiered Tyranny: Radical Leftists Block Doors of California Capitol Chanting “Shut It Down!” – Someone Call the DOJ and Launch the Early Morning Raids!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	protests-capitol-california.jpg
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ID:	6167341

    Attention Merrick Garland’s DOJ: We have another insurrection to report.

    Radical leftists blocked the entrance to the California Capitol on Wednesday. They were chanting, “Shut it down!” and blocking all access to the building.

    Bill Essayli tweeted: “The California Capitol was stormed today by radical leftists. They’re yelling “shut it down” which is a direct attempt to obstruct official proceedings. No word yet from DOJ on how many have been indicted for insurrection. I’ll wait…”

    The California Capitol was stormed today by radical leftists. They’re yelling “shut it down” which is a direct attempt to obstruct official proceedings. No word yet from DOJ on how many have been indicted for insurrection.

    I’ll wait… https://t.co/iOUF9f3ZUB

    — Bill Essayli (@billessayli) August 17, 2023

    State workers blocked steps in the buildings. Of course, fellow leftists praised this insurrection.

    🗳️ Democracy in Action: California State Workers Take a Stand 🏛️ A powerful scene unfolds at the capitol's legislative swing space as state workers stage a protest, blocking access to the second-floor steps. #StateWorkersUnite #ProtestForChange #VoicesOfJustice #PeoplePower pic.twitter.com/J4BxJOr3TN

    — The Workers Rights (@theworkersright) August 17, 2023


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