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  • CBP Figures Show Highest Monthly Total Of Illegal Crossings EVER Recorded

    251,487 illegals crossed in December alone

    Fresh figures resale by the Customs and Border Protection Agency have revealed that a record amount of illegal crossings were recorded in December, with 17 individuals on the terrorism watchlist apprehended.

    The numbers, released Friday, show that 251,487 illegal immigrants crossed the border in December, the highest monthly total in history.

    This is now the tenth month in a row of more than 200,000 migrant encounters at the southern border. CBP sources tell FOX there were over 70,000 known gotaways at the border in December as well. @FoxNews

    — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) January 20, 2023

    Biden administration: The border is “secure.”

    251,487 illegal immigrants crossed the border in December — the highest monthly total EVER recorded.


    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 21, 2023

    That isn’t the entire story, however.

    There were over 70 thousand ‘getaways’ in December alone, meaning illegals who crossed and evaded Border Patrol.

    That brings the total for this fiscal year, which began last October, to more than 278,000, or 2,465 every single day.

    NEW: One number that CBP does not like to talk about – the Known Gotaways. In the past 113 days of this FYTD23, CBP sources tell FOX News there have been more than 278,000 Known Gotaways – that’s roughly 2,465 per day. @FoxNews

    — Griff Jenkins (@GriffJenkins) January 21, 2023

    The figures also show that 38 individuals on the terrorism watchlist have been apprehended crossing the border since October.

    Terror Watch List! pic.twitter.com/2jnmXMrLFT
    — Patriot4Life (@Patriot4Life72) January 21, 2023

    The figures are startling compared to previous years. During the four years under President Donald Trump, only 11 individuals from the terror watch list were encountered.

    Terror watchlist arrests at the southern border are surging under President Biden.

    FY’23: 38 (so far)
    FY’22: 98
    FY’21: 15
    FY’20: 3
    FY’19: 0
    FY’18: 6
    FY’17: 2

    Per CBP sources, there have been approximately 1.2 million *known* gotaways since Biden took office. @FoxNews

    — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) January 22, 2023

    The figures also show that scores of serial sex offenders and pedophiles have been encountered:

    NEW: Border Patrol in Del Rio sector report agents have arrested 10 sex offenders so far this month, and 38 sex offenders since since October 1st. A majority of these men are pedophiles who have been convicted of sex crimes against children. @FoxNews
    Photo: @USBPChiefDRT pic.twitter.com/dqCa8HVWrE

    — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) January 22, 2023

    The Biden administration continues to blame Republicans and people talking about the border crisis for the border crisis:

    ARTICLE: https://t.co/qHYvj1ZwZg
    — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) January 21, 2023

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    • FBI Special Agent Who Investigated Trump-Russia Collusion Arrested for… Conspiring with Russian Oligarch

      Former Special Agent in charge of counter-intelligence in the New York field office, Charles McGonigal, was arrested on Saturday night for conspiring with Oleg Deripaska, a sanctioned Russian Oligarch.

      Charles McGonigal was hit with a five-count indictment and charged with “violating and conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (“IEEPA”) and with conspiring to commit money laundering and money laundering.”

      Mr. McGonigal retired in 2018, according to the DOJ’s press release.

      While working at the FBI, he “supervised and participated in investigations of Russian oligarchs, including Deripaska.”

      Per the DOJ: U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said: “As alleged, Charles McGonigal, a former high-level FBI official, and Sergey Shestakov, a Court interpreter, violated U.S. sanctions by agreeing to provide services to Oleg Deripaska, a sanctioned Russian oligarch. They both previously worked with Deripaska to attempt to have his sanctions removed, and, as public servants, they should have known better. This Office will continue to prosecute those who violate U.S. sanctions enacted in response to Russian belligerence in Ukraine in order to line their own pockets.”

      “As alleged, Mr. McGonigal and Mr. Shestakov, both U.S. citizens, acted on behalf of Deripaska and fraudulently used a U.S. entity to obscure their activity in violation of U.S. sanctions. After sanctions are imposed, they must be enforced equally against all U.S. citizens in order to be successful. There are no exceptions for anyone, including a former FBI official like Mr. McGonigal. Supporting a designated threat to the United States and our allies is a crime the FBI will continue to pursue aggressively.” the DOJ said on Monday.

      The DOJ alleges that both McGonigal and Shestakov knew that their actions violated US sanctions because McGonigal received classified information that Deripaska would be added to a list of Russian oligarchs to be sanctioned.

      “In addition, in 2019, MCGONIGAL and SHESTAKOV worked on behalf of Deripaska in an unsuccessful effort to have the sanctions against Deripaska lifted.” the DOJ said.


      �� BREAKING: An FBI agent who investigated the Donald Trump Russia collusion has been arrested for colluding with Russia.
      You can’t make this stuff up.
      — Congressman Troy Nehls (@RepTroyNehls) January 23, 2023

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      • Mentally Ill Child of House Minority Whip Arrested During Antifa Riots

        Dowell ÔÇö who identified as nonbinary ÔÇö was booked as ÔÇ£Jared DowellÔÇØ by Boston police. Dowell was not arrested without incident, as about 20 protesters reportedly surrounded arresting officers while they tried to detain her, law enforcement officials said.

        At one point during the arrest, ÔÇ£an officer was hit in the face and could be seen bleeding from the nose and mouth,ÔÇØ the Boston Police Department said.

        Dowell was ultimately arrested and charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, destruction or injury of personal property and damage of property by graffiti/tagging.

        Rep. Katherine Clark's son was arrested in Boston last night during Antifa riots, and a cop was assaulted. Jared Dowell was perfectly normal, until his mother transed him into "non-binary" so she could use him for politics. Now he's Riley, and he's a freak. She did this. pic.twitter.com/Mj55xXOVVn
        ÔÇö AidanKearneyTB (@DoctorTurtleboy) January 23, 2023

        Rep. Clark later commented on her child's arrest in a tweet Sunday. ÔÇ£Last night, my daughter was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts. I love Riley, and this is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting,ÔÇØ wrote Clark in a tweet. ÔÇ£This will be evaluated by the legal system, and I am confident in that process.ÔÇØ

        Antifa extremists and other far-left radicals took to streets across the nation over the weekend after an officer-involved shooting in Atlanta. Georgia law enforcement has dealt with a self-styled ÔÇ£autonomous zoneÔÇØ at the building site of a new police training ground for months, where far-left radicals have attacked law enforcement and construction workers with Molotov cocktails and explosives on multiple occasions.

        Police were attempting to apprehend a suspect who had opened fire on a Georgia state trooper in an unprovoked attack. Upon locating the suspect, arresting officers were met with gunfire, at which point they returned fire and neutralized the suspect.

        Left-wing radicals refer to the training ground as ÔÇ£cop city,ÔÇØ hence the graffiti sprayed by Rep. Clark's child.


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        • Originally posted by Q in Arizona
          35-Year-Old Middle School Coach and Teacher Drops Dead in Front of His Class After Suffering from Heart Attack

          A middle school coach and teacher at Devine Independent School District died suddenly of a heart attack after collapsing in front of his students early in January.

          Jacob Sanchez, age 35, of Bigfoot, Texas died on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

          According to reports, Sanchez suddenly collapsed at the start of class.

          He was promptly given CPR by the staff members, but unfortunately, they were unable to save him.

          “Parents we are in a medical hold at this time. All students are safe. All ms school games have been cancelled for today,” Devine ISD wrote on its social media.

          According to the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, Sanchez died of a heart attack.

          School principal Kandi Darnell was with him minutes before he collapsed, as reported by KSAT.

          “He seemed fine and everything seemed fine,” she said.

          “We lost a friend, colleague, and just a good man today,” Darnell wrote.

          “Jacob was the kind of person who would do anything to help out others. He was a kids’ teacher. He worked hard to connect with all of our kids not just our athletes. Our kids are going to have a tough time, but our DMS family will be there to help our kids as well as each other. On a personal level I feel as if I’ve lost a son. I’ve known Jacob since he was little. He and my son were in the same class.

          I taught Jacob. As a principal I counted on Jacob to help with some of our tougher customers. I would get him to talk to them. He was always willing to help. He was one of the first ones to volunteer to chaperone dances, field trips etc… He would do anything for the kids. There will be a big void in our hearts. Pray for his family, our kids, and our community. RIP Jacob,” she concluded.


          Vaccination Status: Fully Vaccinated

          According to his social media account, Jacob Sanchez received his first dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on December 2020 and second dose on January 2021.

          “We’ve done our part,” he wrote.


          Another 'climate change' victim. Shame those young students had to witness the gentle wrath of climate.
          2008 RXP She's quick.
          Smells like race fuel... mmmmmm


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            • Surrounded by Armed Security Democrat Governor Newsom Tells Liberal Hack Reporter “The Second Amendment Is a Suicide Pact”

              REMEMBER: When Democrats say they want to take your guns – they only mean YOUR guns.

              California Governor Newsom held a walking interview with his armed security and liberal hack Nora O’Donnell from CBS News.

              Newsom told Nora, “The Second Amendment is a suicide pact.”

              Except, of course, if you’re talking about HIS second amendment security. That’s a different story.

              California Governor Newsom, surrounded by armed security: “The Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact.”
              — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 24, 2023

              Democrats never want to discuss how much of the gun violence in this country is committed by criminals using illegal guns.

              Why is that?

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              • American Fashion Model Jeremy Ruehlemann Dead at 27

                The sudden death of a young American model has left the fashion industry in mourning.

                Jeremy Ruehlemann passed away on Sunday. The 6’2 model was born in Mahwah, New Jersey. He was 27 years old.

                The cause of Jeremy Ruehlemann’s death is unknown at this time.

                Jason Kanner, CEO of Soul Artist Management, shared the tragic news of Ruehlemann’s passing on Instagram.

                “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I let you all know that Jeremy Ruehlemann has passed away,” Kanner wrote.

                “Jeremy was authentically himself. Salt of the earth. There was just something about him that made you root for him. His excitement over a big booking his optimism when something didn’t work out. When you spoke to him he listened with his eyes and ears. He truly was and will always be one of a kind. Jeremy you will be missed. You will hold a spot in my heart and with your Soul Fam you loved so much. Please keep Jeremy’s family in your prayers . May God cover Jeremy and his family with protection and prayer . I will miss you Jeremy. Rest in Peace Sir.”

                On Sunday, American fashion designer Christian Vincent Siriano shared a heartfelt Instagram tribute to the late model.

                “I have never posted anything like this but to lose a friend who was such a beautiful soul is just really hard. This is for Jeremy, the most beautiful man that gave so much love to everyone he met no matter what,” Siriano wrote.

                “He was one of my muses and he always will be. He inspired me and I will love him forever. I’m sending all my love to his family and friends who lost someone so special. I know we will meet again one day but right now I just want to hug him. Rest well J we all love you so much! Send love to his family today please.”

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                • BREAKING: Former Vice President Mike Pence Finds Classified Documents in His Indiana Home – Discovered Last Week

                  And, once again, Mike Pence saves the day for Joe Biden and Democrats!

                  Mike Pence was rummaging around his home and found classified documents he took home with him as Vice President.

                  It wasn’t that long ago that Mike Pence told CNN he did not take any classified documents with him when he left office.


                  Muir: “Did you take any classified documents with you from the white house?”

                  Pence: “I did not.”

                  Muir: “Do you see any reason for anyone to take classified docs from the White House.”

                  Pence: “There would be no reason.” pic.twitter.com/VsUUntiwU1

                  — Greg Price (@greg_price11) January 24, 2023

                  On Tuesday Mike Pence told Congress he found classified documents at his Indiana home.

                  He found the documents last week.

                  The AP reported:

                  Documents with classified markings were discovered in former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana Home last week, according to his attorney.

                  “The additional records appear to be a small number of documents bearing classified markings that were inadvertently boxed and transported to the personal home of the former Vice President at the end of the last Administration,” Pence’s lawyer, Greg Jacob, told the National Archives in a letter last week.

                  He said that “Pence was unaware of the existence of sensitive or classified documents at his personal residence” and that he “understands the high importance of protecting sensitive and classified information and stands ready and willing to cooperate fully with the National Archives and any appropriate inquiry.”

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                  • Originally posted by Mothman
                    Another 'climate change' victim. Shame those young students had to witness the gentle wrath of climate.
                    "Turns out being young & physically fit are two leading risk factors for cause unknown...Any questions? Shut up!"

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                    • Crushed Bug ‘Additive’ is Now Included in Pizza, Pasta & Cereals Across the EU

                      Most people won't even know they're eating it.

                      As of yesterday, a food additive made out of powdered crickets began appearing in foods from pizza, to pasta to cereals across the European Union.

                      Yes, really.

                      Defatted house crickets are on the menu for Europeans across the continent, without the vast majority of them knowing it is now in their food.

                      “This comes thanks to a European Commission ruling passed earlier this month,” reports RT.

                      “As per the decision, which cited the scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority, the additive is safe to use in a whole range of products, including but not limited to cereal bars, biscuits, pizza, pasta-based products, and whey powder.”

                      But don’t worry, because the crickets first have to be checked to make sure they “discard their bowel content” before being frozen.

                      Lovely stuff.

                      Critics suggested that once bugs become widely accepted as a food additive, their consumption will become normalized across the board.

                      “The Liberal World Order has decided that the little people must eat bugs to prevent the climate from fluctuating, in accordance with ruling class ideology,” writes Dave Blount.

                      “Yet rather than mindlessly obey The Experts as most did with Covid policy, people have resisted. So our moonbat overlords are furtively sneaking insects into food.”

                      “This will allow them to reveal in the near future that we have already been eating bugs, so there is no reason to object to them shutting down farms and imposing a new diet.”

                      The European Union also recently approved the use of Alphitobius diaperinus, otherwise known as the lesser mealworm, for human consumption.

                      As we have exhaustively documented, globalist technocrats and climate change activists have consistently lobbied for people to start eating bugs to fight global warming, despite the practice being linked to parasitic infections.

                      I somewhat doubt that elitist technocrats who recently visited Davos will be switching to the bug diet, no matter how much they browbeat us about man-made climate change.

                      Back in November, the Washington Post advised Americans that instead of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which now is unaffordable for a quarter of families, they should instead look to eating bugs.

                      While livestock farmers in the Netherlands are being climate change regulated out of existence, school children are being indoctrinated to eat bugs, while another German school has banned meat entirely.

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                      • Originally posted by alostaunau
                        That cannot be! California outlawed assault weapons, they banned high capacity magazines as well!

                        They cannot limit crime or the homeless.

                        The liberals in California cannot fix anything!

                        The fix or cure for California is to ban the liberal!
                        I say we just ban California.
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                        • Originally posted by Q in Arizona
                          Crushed Bug ‘Additive’ is Now Included in Pizza, Pasta & Cereals Across the EU

                          Most people won't even know they're eating it.

                          As of yesterday, a food additive made out of powdered crickets began appearing in foods from pizza, to pasta to cereals across the European Union.
                          I remember when we used to have health and sanitation standards that only allowed miniscule amounts of insect and rodent debris in our food supply.


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                            • Just...blocks it. Magic.

                              Biden's Treasury Dept Blocks Congressional Request for Hunter Biden Transactions

                              Can you say "conflict of interest"?

                              Can you say ÔÇ£conflict of interestÔÇØ? Treasury Secretary Yellen sure can.

                              The Treasury Department has delayed a House Republican request for information on Biden family financial transactions that may have been marked as suspicious, saying that it must first determine whether the disclosure of the records is consistent with ÔÇ£longstanding Executive Branch interests.ÔÇØ

                              Considering that there's a Biden at the top of the executive branch, it's obviously not.

                              Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who chairs the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, requested suspicious activity reports related to the Biden family earlier this month in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Suspicious activity reports are generated by financial institutions when flagging suspicious financial moves and are submitted to the federal government.

                              But the Treasury at least temporarily rebuked Comer's request, saying it needed to further communicate with the committee to figure out why it wants the information and what it plans on doing with it.

                              ÔÇ£It is important that a requesting committee specify in writing its purpose in seeking to obtain the requested information and the use it intends to make of it so that the Department can make a determination as to whether the disclosure is appropriate and consistent with longstanding Executive Branch interests, including the protection of ongoing law enforcement investigations,ÔÇØ the department said in the letter to Comer on Wednesday.

                              Comer was asking for flagged transactions involving Hunter Biden, James Biden, Joe's shady brother who doesn't get nearly enough attention, Sara Biden, his wife, and assorted figures tied to business interests, including Devon Archer, and the Hudson West, Rosemont Seneca crew.

                              It's obvious to Treasury why he wants it. And Treasury's claim that it's holding them back to protect ÔÇ£ongoing law enforcement investigationsÔÇØ is a cynical dodge. Prolonging an investigation is a good way of blocking congressional information requests before burying the whole thing after midnight. That's the game here.

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                              • Vermont Supreme Court Upholds Measure That Allows Non-Citizens To Vote

                                In 2021, Democrats in Vermont granted non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. Republicans filed lawsuits and the legal battle went all the way to the state’s highest court.

                                Now the Vermont Supreme Court has upheld the measure.

                                The Associated Press reported:

                                Vermont Supreme Court rules in favor of noncitizen voting

                                Noncitizen residents may continue to vote in municipal elections in Vermont’s capital city of Montpelier, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday, stating that such voting in local elections doesn’t violate the state constitution.

                                In its decision on an appeal the higher court upheld a lower court ruling, dismissing the claim.

                                “The statute allowing noncitizens to vote in local Montpelier elections does not violate Chapter II, ?º 42 because that constitutional provision does not apply to local elections,” the Supreme Court wrote.

                                In 2021, the Democrat-controlled Vermont Legislature approved two separate bills to change the municipal charters of Montpelier and Winooski, the most diverse community in the state, to allow legal residents who are not U.S. citizens to vote in local elections. Republican Gov. Phil Scott vetoed the measures, but the Legislature overrode his vetoes.

                                The Republican National Committee filed lawsuits against the two Vermont cities asking judges to declare noncitizen voting unconstitutional and lost those challenges. Federal law prohibits noncitizens from voting in federal elections, including races for president, vice president, Senate or House of Representatives.

                                Montpelier and Winooski are among more than a dozen communities in a handful of states — including New York City, and a number of towns in Maryland — that allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. Seven states, including Ohio, have measures banning noncitizen voting in local elections, according to the group Americans for Citizen Voting.

                                The left is very good at playing the long game and that’s exactly what this is. How long will it take for Vermont liberals to insist that non-citizens should be able to vote in national elections?
                                Vermont: Good maple syrup. Bad voter protection laws.

                                A new Vermont court ruling now allows people who are NOT Americans to vote in American elections.
                                This is insanity.https://t.co/edxRIZQcyE
                                — J. Hogan Gidley (@JHoganGidley) January 24, 2023

                                Noncitizen residents may continue to vote in municipal elections in Vermont’s capital city of Montpelier, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday, stating that such voting in local elections doesn’t violate the state constitution. https://t.co/W4susyqomD
                                — NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) January 23, 2023

                                If illegal immigrants voted Republican, Democrats would be currently building the wall by hand.


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